Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Preview Francois Sagat's New Kick Sagat Campaign by Exterface

Francois Sagat's Kick Sagat fashion line continues to build momentum and with new product offerings now available from the online store, now seems like a good time for some new campaign imagery courtesy of the Exterface boys.  Here's to lots more delicious images like these ones!  If you haven't yet shopped the full range click here.

12 Months of Seth Fornea

In the words of Colt Studios, Red is the new blonde…  And everybody knows our favourite redhead here on this blog is Seth Fornea.  But did you know you will be able to celebrate this well-groomed ginger bear all year round thanks to his new calendar?  Well know you do.  Full colour and full nudity is promised over 12 months in Fornea's new Colt Man Calendar which measures in at a healthy 8.5 x 11.  Don't quote me likes but you may need to consider remodeling your home to accommodate this beast on your wall.

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American Girls Kendall, Amy and Christy Cover Love Magazine 12

Love Magazine's twelfth issue celebrates American Girls (and one Brazilian) on its four covers, with reality star Kendall Jenner, actress Amy Adams, and models Christy Turlington and Adriana Lima each wearing striking fashion pieces that clash in the best of ways with a cheeky bubblegum font.

Britney Spears Gets Intimate with New Underwear Line

When the fog parted earlier this morning I wasn't expecting to see Britney sitting in her pants looking all fresh and curious without a Starbucks in her hand.  But that is what reading The Secret does for you wasps, it like totally brings you everything you want in life if you want it hard enough.   

Britney shared on her instagram today a sneak peek at her new intimate apparel collection - modelled on her iconic body of course -  which will be available online in September.  Not much else is known about the collection at the moment, expect the promise that in a couple of months you'll feel that much closer to Godney every time you slip between the sheets.

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