Sunday, 10 January 2010

INTERVIEW: Elena Satine

I first caught sight of Elena Satine on Tyler Shields' website - and oh what an introduction for me. She has been kind enough to answer my little generic Q&A and has treated my dear wasps to a couple of her songs. You are going to see and hear a lot more of this talented redhead in the year to come so get invested quickly.

Please introduce yourself?

Elena Satine. Actress/Singer/Songwriter.

Sounds like?

No clue.You tell me:)

Looks like?

I don't think I look like anyone in particular, but I'm often told "Brigitte Bardot".

Your fondest memory from 2009?

Filming a movie in London for 2 months.

If you were a film you’d be, and why?

I'm not sure what you mean?

No I'm not sure either. The song that makes your heart skip a beat is?

There are a lot... My fav song of all time is Hotel California by The Eagles.

Your favourite kind of pie?

I don't like pie...I prefer cake.

I can next see/hear Elena where?

I have several films coming out. A psychological thriller called "Don't Look Up", and a Drama based on the work of Agatha Christie "Murder on the Orient Express".

Elena Satine - "Ashes"

Elena Satine - "Broken"



  1. She's hotter than your other red-heads. I think this must be called the 'hot redheads learning curve'...

  2. Ha Ha, you might be right there!

  3. ummm she is delicious!!!!!


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