Friday, 23 April 2010

Interview with Simon Curtis

Please introduce yourself?
I am Simon Curtis (human-cyborg relations) haha super cheesy, but if you listen to the album it makes sense :P
Sounds like?
Looks like?
Jimmy Neutron
If your life were a film you’d be?
The Hobbit
The song that makes your heart skip a beat is?
Anything by Max Martin
Your favourite kind of pie?
Coconut Cream!
So Simon, you have a new album out, '8-bit Heart', tell me about it? And what inspired the sounds and the songs on the record?
I was inspired by 8-bit video games, Science Fiction, 80's fantasy movies, Mozart, pop culture, and Occult/Illuminati conspiracy theories. Wrote, recorded, and co-produced it in 13 days in a basement in West Virginia, and it was downloaded 150,000 times within two weeks. It is my heart and soul, my baby. :D
A favourite track of yours from 8-bit Heart and why?
I love Beat Drop. The percussion is so infectious, the Mozart sample is incorporated so, so well, and it is just short enough to leave the listener wanting more. It's like my little golden nugget on the album.

Beat Drop

You have also taken the decision to let fans download the album for free at – this of course had me expecting some low rent effort that I would toss away after a few listens but DAMN you have some carefully crafted pop on there! So why free? What’s in it for Simon?
I need a fanbase, and I need to prove myself to record labels if I am to get a deal. This was my way of doing both. It's working rather well two weeks in, and I am so happy for that! Thank you for the glowing compliment, I take it with pride.
Can you also REPEAT for my readers how many times 8-bit Heart has been downloaded in the last couple of weeks!!!
I don't have a full count right now, but at two weeks it was over 150,000! :D I am so blown away, truly speechless.
Now, you must be buzzing from the public’s positive response to the record Simon but what would you like to get out of this experience? And have there been any promising developments/opportunities to come out of you releasing 8-bit that you can talk about?
This is all to get that elusive record deal and take my music to the next level (touring, videos, the whole gamut). This has definitely blown open the doors for me, but I can't say too much just yet. Just know that good things are well on their way :)
Looking forward for this here boyrobot, are there any plans to release singles from 8-bit, or a music video or two did I hear?
Taking things one day at a time, operating completely on my own at present, so it's a bit tough to navigate. Doing a video portrait with the infamous Tyler Shields this week though, so that should hopefully whet everyone's respective appetites.
Give me one artist you would love to collaborate with?
Max Martin
And another you would rather just disappear altogether?
Hard to say, there are quite a few. I am so bloody sick of hearing Jason Derulo's ‘Whatcha Say’ on the radio; I can't even bear it anymore. Shame too, cause I initially liked that song. Oh well, such is radio.
Has anyone got your 8-bit Heart or are you a popstar on the prowl?
I am a popstar on the prowl for a record deal! I don't have any care or desire to date anyone or anything right now. I need to work first.
And to close, if you could ask a fellow popstar one question which popstar would you choose and what would you ask them?
I would ask Lady Gaga over to watch Kill Bill or The Big Lebowski and eat ice cream and pizza with me and my roommates (i.e. the coolest people in history). I would wear something crazy to entice/appease her :)
Thanks Simon!

Here listen..

Download 8-bit Heart

Credit: Photography by Tyler Shields

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