Tuesday, 25 May 2010

5 questions with Edith Zimmerman


If your life were a film it would be?
Groundhog Day? I don't know, I literally do the same boring things every day.

A song that makes your heart skip a beat?
"Mystery Girl," by Roy Orbison.

Your favourite kind of pie?

A book you will never grow tired of reading?
I don't usually re-read books when there are so many new ones to read, but I'm re-reading East of Eden now, so maybe that one.

Say you are inconvenienced one day by a terrible fire and all but one of your short stories go up in smoke Edith (terrible I know). And why they were all on paper and not backed up somewhere online is just weird. But anyways... you had time to save only one of your stories as the walls of your perfect little house burn around you. Which story survives the blaze and why?

"Hospital." I think that one is my favourite.

Edith is a Writer and Editor. Her stories are very funny - www.edithzimmerman.com/blog/

Photo borrowed from lovely site, Jauntsetter


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  1. Yay!

    I love Edith. Glad I could be of some help :)


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