Sunday, 19 September 2010

Interview with Riley Price

For those not accustomed to watching men pleasuring men you are known for taking your clothes off and well, pleasuring men whilst cameras film. We call it porn. So how did you get into the industry?
I was scouted out by Randy They flew me in and I filmed my solo. Nervous as hell I was but oddly, I felt really comfortable in front of the camera and was able to maintain an erection and be quite the exhibitionist! They called me back and I told them I wanted to finish school and after school I went into Advertising for about a year or so and than moved to LA where I met with Randy again and we have been working together ever since.
You also have ginger hair. How is that working out for you? I hope you're not discriminated in any way for it.
No not at all actually. I'm in no way a 'red head' but I do have a gingeresque tone to my hair. It’s different, I like the fact that I stand out and it gives me a chance to make some noise and get peoples attention.
So talk me through preparing for a shoot without any of the graphic visuals, to shooting and performing on the day… I mean, I guess there’s more work involved for you the performer than one would think?
Yeah, it depends if you’re topping or bottoming. If you’re topping, which are times that are few and far between you've got it easy until you start filming and then they do most of the work. The bottom in my experience, not sure about anyone else’s, eats very little and light the night before and nothing the next morning before shooting. And then of course you have to 'prep' yourself to make sure it’s a clean environment for everyone involved. ;)
Oh lord. And can you talk about any projects you are working on at the moment or have in the pipeline? (No pun intended)
I have two big scenes in the bag with Cayden Ross and Dallas Evans. I really enjoyed working with Dallas a lot! We had probably the strongest chemistry out of any of the other models I have ever worked with and that is saying something. We're both athletes so it was POWERFUL to say the least.
Can you think of any downsides to working in Porn?
Yeah, there are downsides for sure. It is quite a challenge to find someone who is okay with what I do and it’s hard for me to want to be with someone because of the work I do. I am a VERY affectionate person, I am a fan of love and it can be hard to reach that love when you are involved in a profession that is about lust. Another con of this business is the risk of putting your personal life on the line. There’s always that possibility that word of you partaking in something that is not of the norm can get back to your hometown. Thus creating havoc for your family. That’s what happened to me. It got back to my hometown. To be honest I don’t care about being exposed. I am proud of what I do and the work I have done. However, the problem that I have is my family being exploited. They're innocent in this matter. I can take more shots and criticism than the average person, but when it comes to family… then we gotta family *problem*. As of right now I don’t think its gotten back to my family but you never know, they haven’t said anything to me and like myself, my family is very forward and bold.
So Riley, on a lighter note if you were to engage in a come dine with me scenario, which 4 celebrities would you invite around for dinner and why?
Bono - I love him...I think he’s just all around a very unique, caring, creative and spiritual individual that I see a lot of myself in. I get him. Plus I love his music.
Madonna - because she would tell me to ''pass the salt you little fucker''. Plus I love that fact that she just doesn't give a shit. I respect that out of anyone. I once heard that the bravest thing anyone in the world can be is themselves and she does just that!
Robert De Niro - because he’s a pimp, his movies I own em all. I just love his genuine talent. You can tell he’s not forcing his acting, it just comes to him.
Britney Spears - I know, I know but it would be fascinating to watch her with the rest. Plus I have always wanted to meet her. Her sexuality and sexual energy in her music definitely inspires my performances on Randy Blue.
An artist that makes your heart beat faster?
U2 and any song that has some life-force behind it that can give me the chills.
What does the term "celebrity" mean to you?
Good question - it means greater responsibility to yourself and others. You can't have success without responsibility.
If you were to die tomorrow would you have any regrets?
None. I'm right where I want to be and why I'm at the spot I’m at, here answering questions for this interview is something I cannot question its just happening.
And to close, how would you like to be remembered? Ya know, when you die. (In a good few decades from now)
A few decades!!!?? Dear god I hope I live a bit longer than that. I would hope that people would remember me as someone who was honest and loyal and that had a big heart. That’s it.
Thanks Riley!


  1. This guy is not your average porn star. Hes different. He actually has a brain.

  2. Totally unrelated to the interview but that red text really pops-when compared to the white, it's almost 3D. But it may just be due to the fact that I have a problem with one of my eyes at the moment

  3. HAHA, yeah im rolling out 3D on the blog in a bid to increase my readership!! :)

  4. Fuck Yeah Riley Price! Anyone ever think a porn star could be so articulate and sincere?!?!?! I always thought they were dumb and uneducated until I read this interview...

  5. With only brief interaction with Riley on Twitter, I knew immediately he is not your average porn star. In fact, he is an exceptional individual who just happens to make a living in the porn industry. I sincerely hope that Randy Blue takes their videos to the next level and adds some romance scenes as I think Riley is on a very short list who could make this work on screen. It starts with selecting actors who have natural chemistry and being there to capture the fireworks. I'm sending a message to Randy to try just that with Riley Price in the spotlight.

  6. I agree Vegas. Riley even though his scene are rough and quiet high tempo can be one of few performers on Randy Blue that can bring that chemistry to scenes in the future on the Randy Blue site. The guy is a natural and has a big future ahead of him!

  7. great interview. I am jealous. I'd like to interview Riley for my blog.

  8. I saw him in Golden Gate as mormon missionary. The guy can really act. Or to say it in another way: his acting is as his fucking, i.e. spectacular. I like that he is proud of what he is doing, he should be.

  9. i wish his dick was up my ass

  10. i saw him in this mormon clip (he plays a mormon elder who gets seduced by a punkie), awesome, he really acts well and convincing, as a curious virgin twink who is going to have his first long hoped for gay fuck. he looks really shy, and really like someone to whom something great is being revealed, namely superior gay sex. great guy, wish him all the best.


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