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Interview with John Bruce

John boy - check the GUN SHOW

Soooo John, I have been completely glued to The Model Agency on Channel 4 [it’s a guilty pleasure if ever there was]. And I think quite a few others have been watching too. Why do you think it has been such a huge success and can we expect another series after this first series wraps? Oh and how long ago was this series filmed? QUESTIONS QUESTIONS

The show was filmed in late August 2010 and was filmed over a 7 week period – imagine Big Brother cameras everywhere! People generally are fascinated by the model industry and secretly have a desire to be a model. The cameras allowed people to discover that we are normal people with similar issues to most people in the work place. I am not sure if there will be a 2nd series, ideally if there was a 2nd series I would hope it would be filmed outside of the office.

The Team

Now it doesn't appear to have been an easy ride for you in the office of late John but this is TV after all - its all about the 'edit'. What's it like having these Big Brother style cameras filming you all day every day for a period of weeks? Can't be easy.

I must admit that I was very apprehensive to being filmed and having a microphone attached to me every day because of the volume of work that I have and the level of client/model confidentiality. I was very against having certain aspects of my job being shown on national TV. It later resulted in me showing a more emotional side to my nature. The situation shown was from last year and we have moved on from it since. Carole and I have been on holiday together in Miami since and are planning a trip away together again in June.

Carole looking pleased to be going on holiday with John in June

That’s good to hear. So I know it’s hard to choose but I'm gonna have to enforce this... who are some of your favourite male and female models working today? [And they don't necessarily need to be working for Premier]

I love the Victoria Secret girls!! Candice Swanepoel is one of my current favourite female models.


Not forgetting all of the models I look after; Violet Budd, Jamie Gunns, and Danielle Dwyer to name a few are all a big part of my life… My ultimate favourite is Naomi Campbell (for obvious reasons and for flying the English flag). Male Model: Tyson Ballou (WOW!!!!)


Good call on Candice – amaz-ing!!! The next question has been submitted by a blog reader: What does one have to do to get John Bruce into bed? [Apologies, my readers aren't the classiest John]

My friends would say that I am rather easy but in all honesty I’m rather fussy… I have a certain taste and try and stick to it!

And what does Portis Wasp have to do to get John Bruce into bed? Kidding. Talk me through an average day in the life of you?

I wake up every day at 6 and go to the gym – I find it puts me in the best frame of mind for work every day. My day consists of managing a handful of girl’s charts. I make sure they are working solidly and making the most of there potential. I have a select amount of UK clients that I deal with on a daily basis and make sure that I am keeping them up to date with new images, new models and help them find a suitable face to match there brand. I work strongly with Sophie Wood and we both manage the International Commercial Bookings. We travel all throughout Europe & USA promoting the brand to big establishments encouraging clients to book through us in London. I travel on average around 1-2 times a month.

The Premier Jet - unconfirmed

A song that makes your heart skip a beat?

AGAIN by Lenny Kravitz (reminds me of my first ever relationship) – still has the same impact on me as it did 8 years ago.

If your life were a film it would be?

OVERBOARD – with Goldie Hawn. “Spoilt rotten princess gets brought down to reality by living a normal life and later discovers that you can balance the two and live happily…” I have learnt that lesson (and on a few occasions LOL)


The last film you watched that made you cry?

TOY STORY 3 – at the end of the movie when Woody remained with all his other Toy Friends (choices can be hard in life and it’s crazy that a cartoon movie can bring a tear to my eye)

If you were looking to impress a date or partner which signature dish of yours would you cook?

I am rather naughty and love cooking M&S dishes that don’t need much work. I do make a rather wicked Traditional English Breakfast though ;-) – that’s if they are invited for a sleepover!

An example of what John's Breakfast might look like 'the morning after'

A guilty pleasure of yours you can't seem to quit?

I have a bad habit of becoming sofa bound on most weekends; I would say that’s the most extreme I go. I am quite a good boy in all honesty.

John's sofa - unconfirmed

Finish the sentence. "Every man needs a pair of... "

Quite clearly a ‘’Pair of BALLS’’!! Mine went missing on one of the episodes The Model Agency - LOL’s

And to close mate, can you give me your measurements? [Model measurements that is]

Height: 1.80 / Chest: 39 / Waist: 32 / Suit:40R /Shoe: 9

John's chest - I asked him not to send this image for inclusion but he insisted

I think you need to work on that chest before you can make an appearance on the blog again John! You know this business is all about looks, GET TO IT. p//

The Model Agency is on tonight, channel 4 10pm


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