Sunday, 20 March 2011

Interview with Rick Day

Hello Rick… do us a favour and introduce yourself to my readers? When they hear the name “Rick Day” I’m pretty sure it’s natural for them to assume you do porn and as far as I’m aware you don’t. So who are you and what do you do?
Contrary to popular belief… I am not a porn star…. But an American photographer living in New York City. However I did pay quite a lot for the name.

And if I was to spend a typical day in the life of you, what would it look like?
My typical day would start off by being molested in early morning… with licks and kisses…… by my two dogs…. Mila and Rio. Followed by an IV of coffee….. If not shooting a job… you can usually find me in front of my current lover… my IMac… editing film. Then the very very boring chore of model go-see’s….. castings… but in all honesty… I shoot every day Monday – Sunday. I am a bit of a work – a –holic. When not shooting I am either editing images with my Agent and partner in crime, Steve. Sleep is not an option. ;-)

So how did you get into Photography anyway? Wikipedia states you only bought your first camera at the age of 28! Can Wikipedia be trusted? That must put you at like 70 years old now…? :)
I got started as a photographer at the age of 28… quite late in the game. I was living in Atlanta Ga. I got caught in a rain storm and while waiting for the rain to stop I wandered into a bookstore and a book by Bruce Weber was on the counter…. As I looked through it…. I realized I was living the wrong life. His life looked soooo much more beautiful and interesting. I had no interest until that point in photography or fashion. About a week later I was at a camera store asking the poor salesman a million different questions…. And left with my first camera. I have never stopped shooting.
In all seriousness, I have become a bit of a Rick Day fanboy since discovering your distinctive style a couple of years ago. Your work has featured in numerous high profile fashion publications, you have released two very successful coffee table books, ‘Players’ and ‘Pioneers’ and have photographed many a celebrity face. Have I missed anything out? And where do you find the time old man?
Yes I have released 2 books and 3 calendars….”Players” and “Pioneers” with 3 calendars from players. This September “Players 2” will be released.

Let’s talk about your coffee table books, ‘Players’ (released in 2008) and ‘Pioneers’ (in 2010). What was the concept behind both titles (apart from trying to showcase as many nipples as one can in a book)?
I came up with the idea of “Players” after seeing the reaction gay men, straight men and women had to David Beckham…. I mean gay men wanted to be with him…. Women were in love with him and straight men wanted to be him. I thought that David was good looking but if you dropped him in the middle of the men I was shooting he would certainly not have been at the top of the list. So I decided to photograph the men I had been shooting as Athletes…. Very Masculine… with natural body hair… beard stubble and just ripped. If professional athletes really looked like that…. Can you imagine the stadiums needed to accommodate the fans. “Players” was shot in NYC in the evenings and weekends. As far as “Pioneers” …. I really wanted to shoot something as faraway from “Players” as possible. No studio… No white backgrounds and definitely no sports theme. This book was shot over the course of 2 years… in various locations… including the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Vietnam, Brazil and of course NYC.
So have you got some favourites you enjoy shooting?
Portis… are you trying to get me in trouble????? With this favourites question?

Um yes, of course – you’re no fun. So who are you yet to photography but are dying to?
I have never been one of those photographers that is star struck… Or had to have the latest model of the moment… But I was fascinated with Andy Whitfield of “Spartacus”. I just found him to be the ideal Rick Day kind of man. Masculine and beautiful. He is unfortunately sick at the moment and I really hope he is able to beat this cancer.
He’s Spartacus!!! Of course he will. Changing it up slightly, do you ever have one of those days Rick where you wake up and just wish you were someone else? I wish I was Anna Wintour sometimes. I mean I’m quite happy to not have that haircut it’s just I think I’d get a lot more blog traffic if I had her power. So even though you might not, if you were to wake up one day and be another Photographer who is working today in the Industry… who would you be and why?
I enjoy my life… but if I had to come back at this moment as another photographer… I would hope to wake up and be either Mert Alas or Marcus Piggot. For a few reasons actually… #1 there are two of them so I could accomplish twice as much. #2 They shoot both men and women beautifully and bring a bit of fun and glamour back to fashion. #3. They are killing it right now … with editorials and campaigns… so I am sure their bank accounts are pretty fashionable as well.
When you do get a minute to yourself, where do you call home and how do you like to unwind away from all the fabricated glitz and glamour of the fashion world?
I am for sure without a doubt a die hard New Yorker… I love this city. And it has been kind to me. When I want to get away from everything and relax… Brazil would be a great start.
If you were to engage in a come dine with me scenario, which four artists working today would you invite around for dinner and why?
For a nice interesting dinner:
Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon I would count them as one as they would have to share a chair. I admire their work ethics and their political views.
Adele… Do really need a reason… she is awesome.
Mr Brainwash… so he could video tape the dinner.
Stephen Colbert to make sure everything is in order.
Your go-to Karaoke song when you find yourself in a trashy bar?
Portis…Portis…Portis…. I don’t admit to going to trashy bars. But if I were in one… my go to karaoke song would be “Macarena”
Oh oh, you just did Day. How would you like to be remembered?
As a porn star ;-)

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