Friday, 18 March 2011

Another Interview with Colby Keller

So Colby, I first interviewed you for my blog back in early 2010 and over a year later that one post is still week on week one of the most popular on the blog, and is now closing in on 15,000 views!!! Can you explain the Colby effect?

I like that you think I'm developing an "effect", like some-kind of weather pattern - something to do with condensation perhaps? I think the "Colby effect" should definitely make people wet!

I also think it’s great that considering you are well known for your work in PORN, there was no actual talk of porn so to speak in our little q&a, allowing some readers to see a different side to you. BUT I won’t lie Keller, I can’t help but think now that if we had chatted about porn we might have well hit 150,000 views so how about you tell me what you’ve been up to in the industry over the last year? [NC17 details are fine as long as you can make your answer sound all kinds of high art/pop, ya know to fit with the feel].

Hmm. My most recent porn memory involves a snowbound house packed to the rafters with 10 pornstars, each more eager (and buff) than the next. If only that hot tub could speak!

And what else has been going on with you of late? Any interesting projects in the pipeline [innuendo free I promise]?

I'm currently working on a series of large drawings of dirt piles.

O-kay. That sounds interesting. You also have a blog yourself, which you update often. Would you care to share what it’s all about and what my loyal wasps can expect once they click on your Big Shoe url?


So I’m going to have to ask now, how could I not, what’s your shoe size?

15, but I have a cousin who is 6'4", and a former baseball player with size 16 ½ feet. My sister also has big feet for a girl. I think we could really knock out something magnificent for the incest/foot fetish crowd.

I also have to ask WHY you haven't BEGGED ME to feature in your bearded boys section on your blog? Slightly offended... but I'm sure you have an email sitting in your drafts right?

How did you know I had a post waiting in the wings? I just need your pics. Spread eagle with hardon pleeease!

[Vacant stare] And if you were to engage in a come dine with me scenario Colby which four artists/celebrities would you invite around for dinner and why?

Hmm. I'll narrow it down to the living: Rachel Maddow (my all-time hero and crush!), Joep Van Lieshout (founder of Atelier Van Lieshout), Julian Assange, and Sarah Palin.

Who did you wake up to this morning?

I wake to Captain Keller at half-mast every morning, the lil' helmsman twixt my thighs.

Oh lord. The last film you watched that made you cry?

Hmm. I'm easy. "Even the Rain". Solidarity in the face of oppression gets me every time. Nothing motivates my tear ducts like a crowd chanting in unison.

If you were looking to impress a date or partner which signature dish of yours would you cook?

I make a mean curry chicken. If he doesn't complain about the spice, then he's a keeper.

A guilty pleasure of yours you can't seem to quit?

I don't really believe in guilty pleasures. . . unless maybe you get off to bombing orphanages or voting Republican. Then again, maybe those are the same thing? I do enjoy a lot of guilt-free pleasures. You can witness a small sampling for yourself on my blog: Does self promotion count as a guilty pleasure? :-)

Thanks Colby!


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  1. Nice . Intetesting . Something new find out about you . Thankyou for sheer it .


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