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Interview with Daniel Garofali

Hi Dan, would you like to introduce yourself to my readers. They might be a little confused by the name – a ‘Garofali’ sounds like something you might order from your local takeaway?
Hi Portis Wasp. My name is Daniel Garofali originally from Sydney Australia. I am 24 years of age and I am a male model, signed with Wilhelmina Models NY and Chadwick Models. I have shot with amazing photographers from around the world and have been the face of numerous brands and products. As for the name 'Garofali', it is derived from the Italian word for the flower Carnation.

Images by Greg Vaughan
That’s pretty. How’s it working out for you being Australian?
I love Australia. It is one of the best places in the world. I was born here and love it. The sun and the beach are a big part of my life. Fortunately, being australian serves me well. Australians are hard-working and easy going people which definitely helps in the modelling industry.
Images by James Demitri
Now I need to get this out of the way cos I’m a little worried for you but I cannot recall ever seeing you grace either of the ozzie institutions that are Home and Away or Neighbours! Does this mean you have effectively restricted your career prospects???
The path of my career has lead to more professional modelling and dance work. Although I do and can act, I have yet to work on either australian program as yet but it definitely doesn’t restrict my work. Soap Operas don't rule the world.

Images by James Demitri
Umm, they do Daniel they really do. Take a look at Holly Valance’s career! No wait, maybe you’re right. So onto the modelling... how long have you been modelling for and how did you get your first break?
I began modelling officially about a year or so ago when I was working as a Professional Dancer and a friend of a friend, who was working at a modelling agency in Sydney, said to me that I should get into modelling. The next week I was the Face of a New Australian Swimwear Label, with posters on one of the main streets of Sydney and was blogged on fashion and modelling websites all around the world. It really went viral. My modelling career really took off after that.

Images by James Demitri
Can you talk me through an average day in the life of you as a model?
An average day for myself as a model consists of a few different things. I usually have a casting for some jobs, meetings with my agents and photographers. In between all of this I usually exercise and work in my 'office', sending emails and taking interviews like this.
Image by James Demitri
Which has been your favourite modelling job to date and why?
That’s always a hard question. I like all my shoots for different reasons...whether it’s on the rooftop in NYC or on the beach in Australia. Right now I am onset in Paris working with amazing photographers for an amazing I definitely can’t complain.

Images by Cowan Whitfield
Now as well as striking a pose (90% of the time shirtless) you also know how to move, so well in fact that you ‘dance’ – and not just in your bathroom, like in front of crowds and stuff. And you’re pretty good at it from what I’ve seen – ‘thanks YouTube’. Tell my readers some of the artists you have danced with…? Go on show off a little.
Yeah, as well as modelling I'm also a professional dancer. I've travelled the world in shows and filmed video clips working with a lot of australian artists such as Kylie Minogue, Jessica Mauboy and Zoe Badwi. Internationally I've danced with Deborah Cox and Duffy.

Images by Greg Vaughan
Which do you prioritize first the dancing or the modelling? And what do you hope to be doing career wise in 5 years from now?
At the moment, my priority is modelling. I'm currently on a world trip shooting for magazines and with photographers around the world so I'm not finding much time to dance. I loved working as a dancer and I still do, just right now it is taking a back seat. I do miss it a little.

Images by Greg Vaughan
For all the single readers out there (because the married ones shouldn’t be looking) is Daniel Garofali single and how would you go about getting a ‘Daniel Garofali’ into bed?
Hah… well you have to be confident, passionate and funny. I like someone that will meet me half way. You can’t be shy but not arrogant either. Low maintenance with no drama...and blonde hah!

Images by James Demitri
How do you like to spend your time when not working?
Unfortunately I don’t get much free time. If I am not modelling I am working as a dancer or working in the office. Sleep when I'm dead I say but I try to make time for the beach... a photoshoot on the beach! Ha!

Images by Alf Oil
If you were to engage in a dinner party, which four artists/celebs or models would you invite around for dinner and why?
It would be Four Angels....Victoria Secret Angels
Candice Swanepoel
Lily Aldridge
Erin Heatherton
Lindsay Ellingson
They offer many insights into the industry and of course eye candy. Their spread in the UK GQ is out of control.
A fine choice! Your go-to song in a trashy karaoke bar?
I've only been to Karaoke once and I don't even remember what I sang... but if I went tonight I would choose a Nick Minaj Song. Rap it out.

Images by James Demitri
And to close, who do you think would win in a dance off and why?
Britney Spears vs. Daniel Garofali
Hah...well back in her day Britney would have given me a run for my money and would have probably won but at this point in her career she has nothing on me.
Yeah I think you're right. 1-0 to Garofali.
Thanks Dan!


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  1. Cool interview and hot pics! But, really, who doesn't love some Daniel Garofali?!


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