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Interview with Dimitris Theocharis

Hello Dimitris! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers?

People keep insisting on calling me Dimitris and keep asking me to take their picture. Maybe it has something to do with the tattoo on my forehead that says Dimitris Theocharis, Fashion Photographer.

River & Luke

Now Dimitris, ‘Theocharis’ sounds very Greek! Can you confirm your origins and talk me how this little greek boy (assuming you are and haven’t changed your surname to appear more exotic) grew up to become a prominent fashion photographer in the industry?

Greek who was born in California grew up in Chalkis Greece, and has been living in the UK since 95...

Oh and for how long have you been working in the industry now?

a good 7 years.

Roger & Tokumbo

We really need to discuss your editorial with Tony Ward for Schön! Magazine because it’s just, bloody amazing really! No words. Well, apart from ‘bloody amazing’. How was it working with the legend that is Tony Ward? And do you notice a difference working with old timers like Tony who have worked in the industry for decades over say some of the newer ‘models of the moment’ like Sebastian Sauve and Roger Frampton? [also great editorials btw!]

Thanks, Tony was a great and fun guy to work with.... down to earth, hard working understated and very charismatic. His approach was completely professional, passionate and he gave his 100% for every shot.


I can’t say that some of the newer/younger models are lacking in anything, but maybe life experience (which comes with time and exposing oneself in a plethora of diverse environments). For example Sebastian who I have worked with on several shoots (check out this and the next issue of Schon! Magazine) is a bundle of positive energy, as passionate and determined as any of the iconic ones.


For any of my readers who haven’t heard of you (let’s face it, there’ll be loads – they’re not very cultured) which other notable magazines have you contributed work to?

Lol where have they been over the last 7 years! Well I kind of started from mainstream and moved to more cult magazines.... Harpers Bazaar, Harrods, reFresh, Mother, Wound, Twill, 7th Man, Schon!, What, Ozon, Let them eat cake, Prim, Velour, Ones2Watch, Supplementaire to name a few...

Max B

So can you look back on your body of work and pick out certain jobs which you are particularly proud of or have fond memories attached to?

That's a hard one as I see every project as an extension of myself and there are always so many fun memories and creative challenges attached with each. I would say working with Phyllis Cohen on the B&W Visage beauty story for Wound magazine was definitely one that stands out for the precision involved in the creative process and also the editorial with Tony Ward for Schon!, it was a shoot that gave me a sense of accomplishment as I am a huge fan of his work.


I imagine you must find your job extremely ‘unbearable’ at times Dimitris, what with having to work long shoots with models like Tony, Marlon Teixeira, Garrett Neff, Baptiste Giabiconi... so many ugly faces, 7 days a week. But if you could only choose one model to photograph for the rest of your career (and only one!), who would you choose and why?

Just one? It would have to be a young Kate Moss or a young David Gandy. They both are true chameleons and seem like fun people, so I wouldn't get bored of this "unbearable" torture that easily.... lol.


Which magazines did you buy religiously when growing up and which magazines do you buy religiously now?

I was a huge fun of the Face magazine, it was very fashion forward and stood out from the rest. Nowadays I buy the Monocle and National Geographic - both make a beautiful toilet read.

Can you talk about any interesting projects you may be working on or have in the pipeline?

It's confidential. ;-)

But there will be more editorials more fabulous models and a solo exhibition in London.


Boo you Dimitris! I can’t believe you’re already keeping secrets from me so early into our relationship. But anyways, if you were to engage in a ‘come dine with me’ scenario which artists/celebs or photographers would you invite around for dinner, and why?

Love that show, it would have to be; Madonna... big fun and I've always wanted to have a macrobiotic meal. Jesus Christ... very last supper... loads of bread and red wine and... Francis Bacon... love his work and his hedonistic approach to life.

Alex & Colton

I'm not confident Madonna and Christ would get along? If your career so far could only be summed up by one photograph could you choose that photograph now?

It sounds quite morose but it would have to be a polaroid of a blood drop on white acrylic taken back in 2006.

A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?

Pistachio ice cream... yummy!

Would you like to ask Portis Wasp a question?

Have you seen my keys? I can't find them.


I have actually. I totally hid them! Now if I was to gift you a one way ticket to anywhere in the world, but you weren’t allowed to return, where would you go and why?

LA, because of the sun, the sea the beautiful landscapes and I would still be able to do what I love.... photography...

*Swoon* Thanks Dimitris!



  1. Great Interview Theocharis is AMAZING!!!

  2. I loved this interview.....brilliant shots!

  3. I Vote for Schon!


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