Thursday, 2 June 2011

Interview with Dionne Bromfield

Hello Dionne! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers? We’re all very excited to have you visit our wasp factory!

Hello lovely wasps, I’m very excited to be here and thanks for having me! I’m Dionne and I make music that I hope wasps will love. So please don’t sting me! Ha-ha.

Oh they won’t, they currently have a grudge against the new X Factor panel – so you’re fine honestly, just relax. Now Dionne, you are only fifteen years old so I’m going to have to keep this Interview semi-professional as I wouldn’t want your famous godmother knocking on my door for leading you astray! So how about you start by talking me through an average day in the life of you?

If it’s a weekday then it’s getting up to go to school at 6.30am and if I’m recording then it’s straight to the studio after that or to the record label. Then revision for my GCSEs. PHEW!

God I admire you, studying for GCSEs when you could be out shopping with Frankie and Molly from the Saturdays. So you study at Sylvia Young right? That must be fun! Any gossip to share, or fellow classmates you think we’ll be reading about in a few years from now?

One of my mates is actually on Britain’s Got Talent; he’s in the group ‘New Bounce’. They’ve been tipped to be the next JLS.

Nice one, well I will need to check out ‘New Bounce’ immediately! ‘Yeah Right’ and ‘Foolin’ are the first two singles to be released from your sophomore record ‘Good For The Soul’ which is out in July. Both songs are quite different in sound, Yeah Right is definitely a summer jam, while Foolin is quite smooth and laid back and lets you show off your pipes. So would you say my wasps can expect a varied album with lots of different influences when they purchase GOOD FOR THE SOUL in JULY? ;-)

Yes it’s still got that soulful 60’s vibe and it’s definitely different from what’s out now. Different in a good way! I like nodding to the past but also making a modern sound, if that makes sense. I’m really proud of this album – writing it was a great experience.

So which artists have you been influenced by growing up, and can you remember the first cd single you ever bought?

Can’t remember which track but it was almost definitely by Steps! I know they were cheesy but sometimes dancing to a bit of cheese is fun.

Well I think we can both breathe a sigh of relief that Steps haven’t ‘influenced’ your sound.

Is it true your godmother THE ONE AND ONLY Amy Winehouse taught you the guitar? That’s pretty rock n roll is it not?

It is! She bought me my first guitar, a nice pink Gibson. It was wicked but it was too big for me so we exchanged it for a blue one. I can play, but I haven’t picked it up in ages so I'm a little bit rusty.

Are you also sick of everybody bringing up THE ONE AND ONLY Amy Winehouse whenever you sit down to an interview? :)

No, I love the one and only Amy Winehouse.

So do I. She’s like, the one and only. Know what I mean?

You are signed to Amy’s label, Lioness records. How much involvement has Ms Winehouse had in you working on your sound and the new record?

She was always telling my how to improve stuff but she has left this album mostly to me, which is good because I'm trying to make my own name. Amy wants that as well, she like "ok I’m going to throw you into the deep end” and “yes I’ll help you along the way but you’re on your own” kind of thing.

A wise lady. Will you be touring ‘Good For The Soul’ after its release and can we expect anymore singles?

Eventually I hope to but first I’m hitting the festivals! I can’t wait!! I’m doing V and The Big Chill and loads more smaller ones. I’m also performing at the London Jazz Cafe in July. I think you can win tickets if you pre-order my album on HMV.

Sounds like a plan! Now if you could cast any young Hollywood hunk for your next music video, who would you choose and why?

Justin Beiber would be alright, he’s lovely isn’t he! He’s right up my street.

Well he’s not up my street. But I can see a ‘certain’ appeal - like his bank account. Okay, I’ll assume the role of hairdresser for this question; got any holidays planned?

No actually, nothing planned because I'm working but my holidays are travelling up and down the country. I’m going to Scotland soon which is where I heard you live. I’m going to visit your nest for a cup of tea!

That’s correct and you are more than welcome little D. We’ll just need to monitor the other wasps in attendance and make sure they don’t try to slip a cheeky drop of whiskey into your tea.

Three musicians; one of them you have to marry, the other you have to shoot and the third you have to k-i-s-s-i-n-g in a tree – choose wisely now Dionne!

Nathan – The Wanted

Lady Gaga


I’d marry Lady Gaga as she would keep me entertained for life – I’d be her little monster! Hmmm...I’d kiss Nathan. Not sure I’d shoot Chipmunk, that’s cruelty to animals! Ha-ha.

Which flavour of ice-cream best describes you and why?

Cherry ice cream because it’s sweet, delicious and full of flava!

Would you like to ask Portis Wasp a question?

Portis, can I come and perform in your nest?

Umm, let me see... HELL YEAH! But under two conditions Dionne, you must only wear yellow and black and the location of my nest must remain a secret! It’s a secret nest you see.

Can I be in your next music video?

Of course! I’m going to make it insect themed just for you.

Oh. I was going to dress up as a lion! We’ll need to discuss this in more detail I think. But for now Dionne, you’ve been awesome, truly awesome. Thanks for visiting and please do visit for tea!

Foolin’ is out 27th June wasps, and Dionne's album ‘Good For The Soul’ follows on 4th July - and as Dionne mentioned YOU CAN win tickets to see Dionne perform live at the Jazz Cafe in July! All you need to do is pre-order the album at HMV - here


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