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interview with Emilio Tini

Hello Emilio! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers? We’re all very excited to have you drop by the blog for a chat!

I’m Emilio Tini, 34 years old, born in Umbria the 'green heart’ of Italy. I like to play with images and I’m completely in love with life.

A bit of background on you first; how long have you been working in the industry and what was your first big break?

Nine years and my first Conde Nast’ editorial was a shoot in 2004: 16 pages for Vogue Gioiello with 12 top models and Philip Treacy's hats.

Quite the debut!

Can you also recall the moment when you decided you wanted to become a photographer? And the first photo you took?

I studied Greek and Latin literature and then at university I picked up psychology but then decided to leave the course for a special degree in Communication. There my life changed. I discovered photography: Avedon and Bresson. Whilst still at university, I took my first picture with a professional camera (an amazing Rolleiflex 6x6) in 1998. It was a photo greatly influenced by Avedon’s In the American West. The shot was of a friend of mine standing close to a white wall. I was just about to click the shutter when the wind blew her hair and she opened her eyes wide. Everything started with this one photograph. It was so simple, but I saw deep within it a big and sophisticated sensuality, a ‘broken balance’, a static but dynamic shape (all the characteristics of my later photographs).

If you were to take a step back and look at your body of work how would you describe your style, and do you think it has evolved over the years?

My work is inspired by ‘Magic Realism’-a vision in which magical elements or illogical things appear in a ‘normal’ setting’: I really love the idea of spiazzamento surrealista, the possibility you have with pictures, to play and ‘talk’ with the audience in a creative way. All my pictures are a mix of stuff I see with my 'eyes and stomach' (When I was a child, my parents raised me wanting to open up my mind in every way possible. They used to say, and still strongly believe: ‘We really want a creative and open minded son!!’ So they encouraged me to play with leaves, trees, trunks, and spoons, to make collages with plastic bags, papers whilst at a very young age I was discovering directors like Godard, Antonioni, Polanski, Bertolucci, Pasolini, Fellini, Pollack and painters like Shiele, Donghi, Caravaggio, Hopper, and Freud. So this childhood really influenced my vision). During the years I think that these feelings have remained but my style is now more precise and simpler.

How would you describe your personal style? [Think of the clothes on your black whether you’re strolling down the street or shooting on location]

Always simply and comfortable.

What have been some of your most memorable shoots to date?

So many. A shoot we did for VOGUE ITALIA Accessori in Cinecittà where I met the set designer of Fellini and he let me play, for my editorial, with the movies original scenographies; I felt like a child in a big surreal park. The Giuliano Fujwara's advertisement with the 'triple' Josh Beach and the glitter advertisement for GF Gianfranco Ferré.

And has there been a job which hasn’t gone as well as you’d have hoped?

I don’t think so cause also in bad situations I tell myself if God gives me the creativeness I will always find a solution, and, in those moments you create something different from the original idea but often better.

Who are some of your favourite models to work with?

So many, I always try to create a special connection with models on set.

You might not have worked with them… yet, but who are some of your favourite models working today in the industry?

I like people with personality and great sensibility: both supermodels and common people.

Can you list some of the publications where my wasps might be able to find your work, and can you tell me which magazines you like to buy when you have some downtime to read?

This season I collaborated for some projects for Vogue Italia, shot several stories for GQ, The Room Magazine, l'Officiel Hommes. For the next season I start my collaboration with Flair Magazine. I like Vogue Paris, Fantastic Man, Acne Paper, Man About Town, The GentleWoman.

I am very much looking forward to your work with Flair, such a fun magazine!

Which Photographers working today do you admire and enjoy?

Always Super Mario (Sorrenti)

Ha Ha. I’ll need to remember that nickname should I have the opportunity to interview him one day!

A song that makes your heart skip a beat?

'Ciao amore ciao' Luigi Tenco and 'Claire De Lune' Debussy


If your life were a film it would be?

A big mix; the poetry of 'Trois couleurs' (Kieslowski), the faces of 'Mamma Roma' (Pasolini), the courage of 'Roma Città Aperta' (Rossellini), the anger of 'Dillinger è morto' (Ferreri), the nonsense of 'What?' (Polanski), the irony of 'The meaning of Life' (Jones), the silences of 'La Notte' (Antonioni), the sensuality of 'About the suffle' (Godard), the passion of 'Last Tango in Paris' (Bertolucci), the obsession of 'L'Enfer' (Chabrol), the faith of 'Breaking the waves' (Von Trier), the 'pietas' of 'They shoot horses, don't they?' (Pollack), the melancholy of 'Gangster Story'(Penn) and the true friendship of 'Stand by me'(Rob Reiner).

Nice choices fella. You certainly know your movies!!!

Do you enjoy being on the other side of the camera and having your own picture taken?

No I’m very shy, but I like to see myself in backstage pictures with my crew, my friends and models.

A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?


Would you like to ask Portis Wasp a question?

In a world where by now with all the photographers and image makers who/or what still strikes you?

For me it’s the same as with movies, I will always have my favourite directors, actors and actresses and worry about how I will function without them when they stop working, especially when my favourites are few and far between. But then a new talent comes along, quite out of the blue, and recaptures your imagination. Take ‘Hanna’ for example by Joe Wright; you watch a film like ‘Hanna’ and can foresee immediately an amazing career trajectory for Saoirse Ronan. An actress I will be entertained by for a good for years to come I hope.

With photography it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly strikes me as I know what I like when I see it, it isn’t obvious to me in the photograph but I see plenty of good images on a daily basis but not enough great ones. I understand that repetition is bound to happen, everything is recycled. But it’s nice to be engaged by a photograph, to be pulled into the story it is telling and I guess that happens less and less these days, a bit like in the movies. When I was growing up David LaChapelle always struck me with his style and delivery, he was an instant favourite without knowing many other photographers in the industry. He was such a perfect form of escapism for me, and still is. But now, now I’m like a kid in a candy shop, I have my favourites [Terry Richardson, Simon Procter, Hedi Slimane, Steven Klein, Mert & Marcus, Rankin, Warhol, Emilio Tini of course… the list goes on] but every once in a while a new candy bar finds its way onto the shelves and looks so shiny and inviting that I just have to take a bite out of it.

Now I'm rambling...
What still strikes me; a photographer or photo that has a strong sense of identity, character, depth, artistic flare and that ‘thing’ that can’t be bottled, that special ingredient which not everyone has and might never have… whatever that is.

If I was to gift you a one way ticket to anywhere in the world, but you weren’t allowed to return. Where would you go and why?

The place where I was born: there are all the things I love; a great energy, positive and generous people, amazing and peaceful landscapes, beautiful sunsets, genuine food and wine.

I think I might come with you. I could do with another vacation!

Grazie Emilio, this has been amazing!


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