Saturday, 20 August 2011

Could Steven Soderbergh's 'Magic Mike' Be The Next Showgirls! But Better?! [Pause] YES!!! |The Sting

If you haven't heard anything about Steven Soderbergh's in the works male-stripper drama Magic Mike, well then your head might just explode all over this post. Male-stripper drama I say! Steven Soderbergh Directing they cry! And a bulging cast that includes Channing Tatum [Magic Mike], Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Matthew McConaughey, William Levy and 'rumoured' True Blooded male, Joe Manganiello!!! That's right wasps, some of Hollywood's hottest will be rockin' a banana hammock in 2012 for YOUR pleasure. But what really has me excited for this project is a leaked snippet of dialogue from the screenplay which serves to remind me of a certain pool-thrashing, titty-shaking Paul Verhoeven classic...

APPARENTLY in one scene, Matthew McConaughey's strip-club owner barks at one of his exotic dancers, "I want you to go back and fuck that mirror like you mean it!"

Perhaps Soderbergh should re-title this [sure to be] hot mess to something more fitting like, Dance! Bitch! Dance! but either way wasps, I'm totally sold on the project. I've always wanted to get into this profession [is it a profession??], so Magic Mike is somewhat of a blessing. But what you might not know is Magic Mike is the semi-true story of Channing's time spent as an exotic dancer in Florida.. ya know, before he got into modelling and then into bed with Hollywood. So you can bet that he'll have his signature shake perfected.

Expect more updates as they come in...



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