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interview with OH MY!

Hello Alex! Hello Jade! Would you like to introduce yourselves and Oh My! to my wasps? [We are all very excited to have you drop by for a chat!]
Heyyyyy!! We're Oh My!, an up and coming female duo, we’re very chilled and don't take ourselves too seriously – we’re all about having fun and making catchy music.

Well that was a good sell. Talk us through the birthing of Oh My! ?
Well the name comes from the song Oops Oh My! by Tweet ft. Missy Elliot, we wanted to base our music on something we both loved - so there was no better way than to name ourselves after one of our favourite childhood songs…
You are signed to 679, which is also home to Spark, Little Boots and Marina and the Diamonds [starting to resemble St.Trinian's isn't it?]. How are you liking your new pop home and have you bumped into Electra Heart yet? [She looks like trouble!]
No, not bumped into her yet - but we've got our eye out for her, we love a bit of mischief!! We love our new home, and we have some incredibly talented label buddies, so we can only hope that we can continue the reputation!

I get the impression when I listen to artists signed to 679 that they are in full control of their sound and know how they want to project themselves. Would this be a fair representation of Oh My! Or do you just have a clever team around you pulling strings we cannot see as well as a satanic stylist who forces you to cut your hair in a certain way and wear the latest fashionable cardigan? [They're still in fashion right? Cardigans?!]
Ha ha, good question! We work closely together with our label and management to get the best possible result. We're both very opinionated girls, and not afraid to voice it, so we'd never do anything that we were majorly uncomfortable with! Clothes wise - we dress ourselves thank you ;) When we work on a video shoot we have a stylist who will bring along some key pieces for us - got to love free clothes!
Indeed. 'Kicking and Screaming', your new buzz single, what's it about? And what's your favourite bit on the track? (My favourite bit is where you sing I mean it I mean it I mean it, over and over and over)
We love that bit too - you can really give it some welly. Also the "Been there done that got/ripped/lost my T-shirt" section, I reckon you can capture the essence of the song just from those lines! It pretty much about a crazy night out with you mates, just causing some Havoc but having lots of fun!

Now the video for Kicking and Screaming is amazing. I won't lie. So you could maybe tell me a little about the experience of shooting your first video... BUT, what I really want to know is what happened to the budgie and the shirtless boy? It appears like you were 'over' both of them in a heartbeat? Fickle much girls?
The budgies were the cutest - we felt really scared picking them up though, because they were so tiny and delicate... Although they were really naughty - they all hid in the ceiling and behind the curtains so we couldn't find them. The fella in the video happens to be from a really famous Danish band, we had no idea that he was going to be part of it, our crazy director sprung it on us, and it turned out to be a good laugh!

So how long do we have to wait for some new Oh My! music? Will we get another single, an EP? Album perhaps? You know how fast POP moves!!
You'll be pleased to know the suspense will soon be over, we have our debut single 'Dirty Dancer' hitting iTunes in October, and a banging album to follow early next year! We hope you’re as excited as we are!

I certainly am, who doesn’t love a dirty dancer?! So Alex, how would you describe Jade's style? And Jade, how would you describe Alex's style?
Jade likes to dressy girly, because it’s a good balance with her hair! She has gorgeous slender legs so she tends to wear some bright skinny jeans, or some cool little shorts, normally with a blouse or a croppy, she never looks like she's spent to long picking an outfit, she's random and spontaneous, that's what keeps it cool!
Alex takes on the cooler laid back look, I wouldn't say boyish but tougher maybe, she loves her denim shorts with a hoody over the top! Great legs so you will always see Alex in a funky dress or shorts! We both don't take to long to get ready! Alex is great with her makeup also!

Well that answer proved very educational. Which items of clothing in your wardrobe gets most wear girls?

Shoe wise - we both hammer our converse!
(Alex) as you have already noticed I love my Red cardy with the A on it, also I have this pair of Levi Denim shorts that I picked up at Camden Market and I actually live in them.
(Jade) I love this blue hoody from American Apparel which I live in! And pink shorts that have a crazy pattern - or my pink jeans! Bright colours!

What is the secret to a great pop song do you think?
Something that no one else is doing, something different and exciting!! But it definitely needs to be catchy- and personally we like songs with memorable lyrics!!

Let's play Shoot, Shag or Marry. And you have to choose between Molly from The Saturdays, Marina Diamandis and Nicola Roberts…
Wow this is a NEW game! Definitely wouldn't shoot any of them! They're so different. (We’re answering this as if we were boys)
Molly - has great style! (Shag)
Nicola - we love 'Beat Of My Drum' (We'd like to be her friend)
Marina- is so brave and daring with her fashion and music, stunning curvy figure too. We may be biased but… who cares! (Marry)

Ugh A + J, you literally have to choose someone to shoot so that’ll be Nicola – sorry Nic! Anyways, my boy wasps will want me to ask, have you got boyfriends?
Hmmmm... wouldn't you like to know! To be fair we haven't got time for boyfriends! WE eat together WE sing together WE chill together WE skank out together!
Skank out together?! I’m going to have to run with that quote.

Would you like to ask Portis Wasp a question?
Did you know that 'Oh My!' is a word in the dictionary?!
I like, didn’t. Thank you for that. So I googled ‘Oh My’ – for my sins on the urban dictionary site and this is the tamest of the responses for how ‘Oh My’ can be used:
OH MY - you say this when you are asking about what’s going on this weekend (party wise).
Example: "Hey guys...Oh my???"
Apparently you might also say it during…. Oh my, I just will not go there...
A guilty pleasure you can't seem to quit?
Haha! Ok!
(Jade) Alex's will say "Golden Oldies" or that depressing ballad love-songs! We both love The Wanted!
(Alex) Jade’s is deffo the Spice Girls - she loves wannabe!
Oh my, please stop now! But yes agreed, The Wanted do fall under the guilty pleasure tag on my blog.
The last song that made you cry?

(Alex) I'd say Amos Lee- Colours!!
(Jade) I don't cry often but I like Beyonce 1+1 at the moment!
Nice choices. If you weren't embarking on a fabulous pop career, what would you be doing instead do ya think?
(Alex) I would be a wedding planner!
That would be fun.
(Jade) We love this question Lol!
Alright, calm down Jade.
I love dancing and would have tried that but other than that maybe doing nails! Like wah nails!
Well we’ve come to the end of whatever this is. Alex, Jade, you’ve been awesome! Looking forward to some Dirty Dancing OH MY!-style in October!
Download a free mix tape from Oh My! here wasps


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