Monday, 10 October 2011

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch American Horror Story

Macabre much? but with a Drag Me To Hell kind of a vibe so it will do more to remind you of a great horror rather than truly scare you into peeing yourself. This is True Blood's opening credits without the charm.

Lets not forget that Ryan Murphy gave us Nip Tuck. He knows how to sell fucked up sexual shenanigans and still make them look and feel kinda, um, sexy? No new TV show this year has produced a better poster, maybe not in the last year, so kudos for showing some creativity with the marketing. And then to go down the other route visit for a please don't touch me I feel far from sexy experience.

I wouldn't be surprised if everyone we saw in the Pilot (including the Harmon Family) were dead but then where would be the fun in that? Also, I'd like to be kept guessing for at least five seasons minimum please.

Long may that continue.

Was it her husband Ben? I sure hope so for her sake but wasn't he downstairs by the cooker looking to burn his hands off in a weird kind of Nightmare on Elm Street sleepwalking state?! I guess time will tell as that belly of hers grows.

If you felt sorry for her character Ruth Fisher in Six Feet Under then look away. Ryan Murphy has promised some intriguing backstory to the Harmon's housemaid Laura O'Hara and why she came to work at the house. We also might need an explanation as to why Ben Harmon sees Laura as a her younger sexier self (played by True Blood's Alexandra Breckenridge), while Vivien sees the older maid, played by Conroy. Intriguing.

Sure, not one of his shows are perfect but that's not why I love Ryan Murphy. He is forever unapologetic in his approach no matter what the subject matter and that is why I get excited for a Ryan Murphy show. Even with Glee, which is becoming a tad tiresome (saved only by Brittany's one-liners at this point), he pushes the boundaries of primetime and that has to be celebrated. This is the opposite of Glee though wasps. The is cable television. Anything goes.

She delivered the best line to the maid(s) in the Pilot when they asked her not to steal some jewellery from Vivien - "Don't Make Me Kill You Again." Twisty much? She is a batshit crazy Southern Belle who lives next door to the Harmon's and is undoubtedly going to win at the Emmys and Globes for her performance in this hot mess of a show. Guaranteed.

What I also forgot to mention were the scenes where; Dermott masturbates while crying (that's fun to watch), the flashback to the former resident who sets his family on fire because the house told him to (oh he also has brain cancer now in present day), the many homages, the baby parts in jars and ooh that twisted scene where the mean girl from school is taught a lesson in the basement by the lady/baby/monster.

I will hold back on mentioning one of my instant fave American Horror Story characters but only because she's my Hot Bitch this Friday. A whole post dedicated to her amazingness. Now go watch the show, its a whole lot of fun.


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