Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Interview with Damon Baker

Hello Damon! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers? We’d also like to know your favourite kind of baked good? Cos I’m lazy with my humour at times and it ties-in with your surname?
Hi Readers, I'm Damon a.k.a DB a.k.a the bitch who lives and breathes a lifestyle of glamour, vanity and sex. I'm a photographer obsessed and I dislike baked goods.
But… like, where do you get your carbs from?!
I want to know a little about Damon as a young kid…. What were your likes, dislikes? How old were you when you first picked up a camera… and what do you think motivated you at such a young age to leave your countryside manor (unconfirmed) for the bright lights of New York City? (Confirmed)
I was the freak, the one you would laugh at, the one you'd point to and question yourself about, nothing much has really changed and I'm thankful for that. There wasn't a specific time that I picked up a camera, it was more just something I'd always had an interest in, not only the capturing of a moment, also the concepts, the overall creation and the freedom of expressing myself and sharing my mind with others.
So what did you get up to in the big apple the first time around? Go on, share some. I trust you were productive for most of the time. ;-)
I slipped on my leather, I tightened my lace, I grabbed my platforms and I hit the streets of New York City, I guess I am not one to blend in, I was letting the world know I was there. Oh, and I needed American coffee.
You were signed to major industry player Jed Root before the age of 20, which isn’t that long ago (god damn you that’s good!), how does it feel to be on the same books as some of the biggest photographers working today?
Even now, it seems a little unreal, everybody within the agency is fantastic, they are family.
Does this now mean you need to behave yourself at all times now?! Or does Jed accept that you are Damon Baker and conforming would just get in the way of your artistic expression? *wink*
Jed most definitely accepts the way I am, more than anyone has in my life, he just gets me, completely. Do I behave myself all the time? Hell no!

If someone asked me to describe your photographic style I’d just show them Eliza Cummings nekkid with her hand covering her crotch but you can’t well carry that around in your pocket all of the time, so how would you describe your style?
I carry naked photos of Eliza Cummings in my pocket all the time! My style is all about Glamour, vanity and sex. Erotic, beauty, freedom, youth, intensity. I'm against boundaries, freedom is expressing yourself fully, fuck the rules, live to dress up, it's showbiz!
Now Eliza must be one for sure, but which other models working in the industry float your boat just as much of a much?
Walk into my castings and shoots, wear the craziest most fucked up outfit you own and show me that no other bitch is as fierce as you and trust me, my boat will be floating.
Ha Ha. I think I might get you to record a new answer phone message for me!
Who are some of your favourite Photographers working today? (ps. Don’t feel like you only need to choose ones that are represented by Jed Root)
I don’t have a favourite but I for sure have respect.
And if you could summarise your career so far with only one photograph you would show me….?
So what are you wearing while you write me Damon? (Not that I’m trying to turn this interview all kinds of sexy, just curious…)
Right now I am bathing in a puddle of patent PVC, net and lace. Oh, and a harness.
Oh Damon.
And what do the clothes you wear say about you do you think?
Walk, turn, pose, stop, show them bitches what you've got.
Let’s play shoot, shag or marry! So your choices for kicks are; Freja Beha Erichsen, Yuri Pleskun and Selena Gomez. (Reasons for each choice please!)
Shoot Freja Beha Erichsen, she's glam! Marry Yuri Pleskun, he's sex! Shag them all, for the vanity.
And then shoot Selena. You were just being polite. BANG BANG!
Think about the last film you watched that made you cry. Why did it do that?
Thou shalt not cry unless under spotlight and/or on stage.
If I gave you £500 to buy me a present (because that’s my actual rate for drafting interview questions – invoice in the post) what would you buy me and why?
I would have to deduct the 500 to cover a small portion of my rate for answering interview questions! *pouts and smirks*
Touché Baker boy, touché!
A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?
Would you like to ask Portis Wasp a question?
All day? All night?
I don’t understand the question so I will answer with a… YES. What do I win?
What never fails to make you smile?
What comes next?
The unexpected.
Just how I like it. Thanks DB!


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