Tuesday, 24 January 2012

5 questions with Jay Roberts

If your life were a film it would be?

Well I never thought about this one. Definitely not a comedy, but I believe it would have a Hollywood happy-ending. I started from a small environment. Born in a village, my parents forced me and my siblings to learn and pushed us through University. My first job was a disaster, I left my second job only to turn my field and desire on it's head. Now I am so happy, I do what I love. I travel, and am trying to accomplish all of my dreams. All I need now is a romantic scene on the big screen with Brad Pitt, to have my own dog and a white picket fence and live happily-ever after.......OK, maybe now it does sound rather like a comedy. ;-)

A song that makes your heart skip a beat?

It must be Cee Lo Green - 'Anyway'. It has such positive energy and it makes me dance in my kitchen in my underwear :-) On a different level I have been known to shed a tear or two over sad songs, the most powerful one is definitely Christina Perri - 'Jar of Hearts'. Her voice, and the piano sends shivers up and down my spine! This song reflects a big part of my life where someone I thought was a close friend and colleague was badmouthing me everywhere because I had made a success of projects that I love and put my heart and soul into.

If the world were coming to an end and you were allowed one last kiss, who would be lucky enough to land on your lips?

Oh that's easy ... there is someone special in my life. He's my 'Very Personal Trainer' As my PT things got way to personal and became my BF, he's very professional and once a relationship developed, he stopped being my PT and became my BF. lol. He accepts me for who I am, what I do and what I am trying to do.

Which item of clothing in your closet gets most wear and why?

Jock straps. I like to wear as little as possible, I like the feeling of being "ready" as well as have the "safety" to keep my manhood "intact" once I get excited. I workout in jocks as well. There is nothing more pleasant than doing squats almost naked.

If your house went up in flames (no-one gets hurt by the way) but you only had time to save one item what would you grab and why?

I will be very emotional, and I have a great connection to my family. I am a Cancer. I would definitely save the most amazing gift I got so far. Last Christmas I went home and my mum gave me a handmade album with pictures reflecting my childhood, teenage years, growing-up, doing military services all the way through my life up until I am carrying my little nephew in my arms.

Aww what a lovely chap. Thanks Jay!

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