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Interview with Alexis Gregory

Hello Alexis! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers? You might want to also confirm that you're not a drag queen - 'Alexis' is a bit drag queenie, no?
Hello Portis Wasp. My name is indeed Alexis and I am an actor from London and you took the words right out of my mouth because yes; I would like to confirm that I am not a drag queen. Alexis is a Greek Cypriot name, from my father's side. It’s ethnic, ok. You can cope with that can't you Portis Wasp? 'Drag queen'. Cheek. Ha.
I love Greek food!
Joseph Sinclair
Talk us through an average day in the life of you?

I work in the day, if I have castings I am out doing them, I could have three a week or nothing for 2 months. That's how it goes. In the evenings I go to the gym or see friends or chill. See, I am a simple boy.

How would you describe yourself as child?

I was quite shy but could be rowdy around people I was comfortable with. I liked creative things like acting and writing stories. Well there's a surprise.

Has much changed now that you are a man?

Yes. Though I think a lot of our childhood behaviour carries through into our adult life or we may in fact go the other way and fight against it. As I get older I am constantly changing which I think is healthy.

Joseph Sinclair

So you act and you model Alexis but I'd like to know what else you do? Being good at three or four things is the new being good at two things after all.

As well as the above I also write - more about that later - and I will also be playing my dream role in a revival of one of my favourite plays later this year and co-producing and assistant directing on that. I also run a business. Is that enough?

It’s a start. So I have to ask, have you ever starred in Casualty, The Bill or Grange Hill?

I have to ask, have you been googling me?
Yes, I appeared in all 3 of these series with guest roles. They are kinda the actors staple here in the UK.
Joseph Sinclair
You can currently working on two acting projects, 'Through the Wilderness' and 'Slap'. Would you like to share some details on both please?
They are two projects I have written that I will be acting in. 'Through the Wilderness' is a piece of Stand up Theatre (ie stand up comedy meets a theatre piece) and 'slap' is a film. I guess they both cover similar themes but in very different ways. Those themes being family, self image, identity, sexuality, what it means to have a dream, social exclusion and the themes of childhood and adulthood to name but a few. I hope both projects will be touching, funny, raw, honest, provocative and uplifting. All of the current projects I am working on highlight aspects of our society that are not discussed or normally represented. I want to shine a light on these aspects.
#Swoon. As you mentioned you like to spend a lot of your time in theatres working on various productions. What do you enjoy most about performing on a live stage?
Well each night in the theatre is unique, the audience really do shape the play or show as well, it’s a relationship and the actor can within reason play and vibe off the audience, in a subtle controlled way. There is a rapport that can be felt. It’s amazing. I have been lucky to work on a lot of contemporary plays that people really respond to, mostly with Rikki Beadle Blair and his Team Angelica company. We have turned three of our plays into films, 'Fit' and 'Kick Off' and the third 'Bashment' is out this year.
Stephen Hoo
I couldn't not state the obvious and comment that you are dangerously easy on the eye. Do you ever find that people don't take you serious because you're much better looking than them? (I probably won't even read through your answers to each of my questions tbh)
Thanks for the compliment Portis Wasp but there are a lot of better looking guys than me out there and I don't spend too much time worrying about the opinion of people who I have never met. It would be a dangerous trap if I got caught up in any of that kind of thing. Er? Hello? Portis? Are you still there?

What did you say about your pecs?
Room Service Pizza Delivery Boy - Explain?
My my you really have done your research Portis Wasp. Yes, I was in one of the online virals for the club 'Room Service'. I played a badly behaved Pizza Boy ha ha. 'Room Service' is my favourite night out in London, Jodie Harsh, whose night it is has great ideas and Thomas Knights who shot it is fantastic. The production values on the piece were amazing. It’s had a crazy amount of views on Youtube so far. Anyone for Pizza?
Let's play shoot, shag or marry (with reasons for your choices please): Francois Sagat, Max Rogers and Portis Wasp.
Ok well I would shoot Max Rogers. With my camera. He is a model and so will be used to it. I would take great pics of him, he's gorgeous so my job would be easy. Francois and I could shag (a boy can dream right) and then that just leaves me Portis Wasp. Excuse me while I just get down on bended knee.
I do.
Elvis Di Fazio
Even though you're like a proper actor you still find time to model for some fun brands and fantastic photographers. What has been your favourite shoot to date?
All the shoots I've done have been great, I always choose who I work with carefully and it’s always a fun, creative, and collaborative process. One of my favourites was with Elvis Di Fazio. He has a totally unique vision and approach and is doing amazing stuff. The pics will be naughty but funny and tongue in cheek too, totally sending the whole thing up. We spent two days shooting and it was totally beyond. The pics will be released soon. Look out for them.
A Photographer you would love to work with?
Bruce Weber, Paul Jasmine, Doug Inglish, Matthias Vrien, Rick Day, Slava Mogutin, Steven Meisel and if I could choose two who are no longer with us I would say Andy Warhol and the wonderful Eve Arnold. Sorry, I couldn't choose just one.
Joseph Sinclair
If you could change one thing about your body what would it be? (I'd probably change your pecs and make them bigger)
I'd make my feet smaller. It’s so hard getting high heels that fit. Oh my gosh. Did I just say that out loud? And my pecs should be bigger? Really? Wow, you really have done your research and obviously studied my pics very closely. Are yours bigger than mine then Portis? I may get Pec Envy. Be sure to inbox me a pic please so I can compare. I'll be waiting.
So unprofessional!
Where do you find inspiration on a daily basis?
Work wise I try to find inspiration from all around, as an actor, film and theatre doesn't have to be only source. So fashion, photography, art, music. You name it, I want some. There are so many people across all of these disciplines whom I admire. I think having strong influences is really important.

Which item in your closet gets most wear and why?
My yellow Keith Haring T shirt. I love it.
Joseph Sinclair
If the world were coming to an end and you were allowed one last kiss, who would be lucky enough to land on your lips?
The man who was about to push that button. Maybe I could stall him for a minute or even four of them as apparently that's how long it takes to save the world. I would gladly take one for the team. I'm that kind of guy.

A guilty pleasure of yours that you can't seem to quit?
That's a whole other twenty question interview Portis Wasp.
Would you like to ask Portis Wasp a question?
Yes. Do my pecs look small in this?
Well kind of, yeah! We done?
Yes. Was I good?

I’d have you again if that answers your question? Oh and check your inbox fella.
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  1. Awesome interview, Porty... one of your best! And could Alexis be any cooler... or hotter? (Unless, of course, his pecs were bigger.) ;)

  2. Thought you'd enjoy that. :) Btw, I would have liked to have known Alexis's dream role and favourite play that he'll be appearing in a revival of later this year. But, considering how you were (understandably) distracted by his pecs, I'll forgive you for not asking. ;)


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