Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Another Interview with Todd Sanfield

Hello Todd! It feels like it was only a month ago that I first interviewed you for my blog, funny how time flies! *EYE ROLL* So anyways, I spoke with Kevin McDermott the other day and he gave me his take on your shoot for his new book MOTEL | HOTEL, which sounded like a blast! But of course he'd make it sound like that, it's his book! How was the experience for you?
It was fun working with Kevin. I did not know what to expect when we started. You never really know what to anticipate working with someone for the first time. Kevin is very laid back, while I have a lot of energy. His laid back personality allowed me to be myself in front of the camera, no inhibitions.
Sounds like a blast!

Do you think Kevin has captured you differently to photographers you have worked with in the past, and if so what new side to Todd are we seeing in MOTEL | HOTEL?
He definitely captured me in a very different way. Here you see me in the most comfortable setting possible, my home turf. You see me smiling, really laughing (which hasn't been seen before) all caught on camera. This is all combined with a sexual twist and it's captured by a photographer who comes from a fine art background.
How do you approach a shoot like this one? Was there much preparation and discussion between yourself and Kevin before the shoot, or did you just arrive on location and work it out as you went along?
The only discussion we had was that it needed to be hot, extremely sexual and it needed to be seen. Kevin made a promise that it would be seen. But at the time, we didn't know where or when. That commitment on Kevin's part gave me the energy that you will see in this shoot. In order for a shoot to be good, I have to know it is for something, otherwise it will be just another photo shoot with a guy standing against the wall. I need to be able to express myself and do it with confidence.

What did you hope to achieve with this book and has the result matched your expectations?
This shoot was never planned to be a book, it evolved. Judging by the results, I would have to say YES to meeting my expectations. These images are beyond my expectations!
I’m sure my wasps would agree that you have always looked very comfortable on camera. Is this something you have had to work at or have you always been a bit of an extrovert?
I think it is a combination of both. I have always been outgoing. And with years of taking care of myself, it simply happened. I never thought I would be walking around in front of the camera naked. Who thinks about that as a kid? LOL. But, as I age, I realize you only live once. Your appearance is here now, but one day it will be gone, maybe tomorrow. So why not show it off to the best of your ability. And when I say show it off, you need to show it off in the best way possible, a tasteful way. Kevin McDermott has allowed this for me.

A lot of my readers will be wondering how you maintain your excellent frame. Is the Todd Sanfield achievable through diet and exercise, or were you just one of the lucky ones born with a 12 pack and well stacked gun show that refuse to leave you?
I bought it from Walmart, $6.99, in the sporting goods section, haha. Really though, I have been playing sports since I was five. I think with years of hard work and the discipline gained from being in organized sports, it gave me a solid foundation. I currently work out about 6 days a week and eat as healthy as I can. I like to get the most out of the time and effort I put into my physique.
Ugh... that does sound like hard work!

If you could sell MOTEL | HOTEL to me in one sentence you would say….
If you want to see sexy, this is it!
Do you have a favourite photograph in the book?
Yeah, but it is so hot I cannot even describe it. Plus I am going to be a professional one day and can't have this all over the web. It would be like cyber-sex if I had to describe it.
.................. go on.......

Are you more of a motel or hotel kind of a guy?
Hotel Portis! But, I can get down and dirty in a motel from time to time.

What happens next?
I don't know. I never know. I wish I did know. The only thing I do know is whoever buys this book will not be disappointed!
Consider me sold.



  1. So hot. We're totally in love with this book!

  2. This book is going to be sooo hot! Thanks for another awesome interview with Todd... you rock!


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