Friday, 27 April 2012

Happy Birthday To My Blog (3 Today) |The Sting

So I kind of forgot that today is my Blog's 3rd Birthday! Well, I remembered today which isn't so bad but I still cannot help but feel like an absentee father. What if I was typing this tomorrow?! That would have been unforgivable. Best not to entertain such a crime I think. So anyways, same as last year and the year before I would just like to thank, first and foremost, everyone who visits my blog! I remember when I was getting 500 hits a month and I was so happy and now I'm creeping towards 90,000 hits a month (which is insane!) and I'm still as happy and excited for my modest space on the internet. I could never claim to post things with my readers in mind as I'm not sure what you look like or what you actually like (Do you really love me?! Really?) but it's nice that the taste I have developed for all things pop culture can be shared and appreciated by many other strangers across the globe. Secondly, to all the talented artists, models, photographers, designers, writers, porn stars, actors and musicians who have taken the time to answer interview questions and continue to contribute to the fun guest posts, it has been an absolute pleasure to be able to feature you on here! You are such a fun group of individuals and I feel very lucky to be able to converse with you all on a near daily basis! I have lots planned for the next year, and I'm looking forward to documenting your wonderful projects whilst taking what I've learnt and continue to learn from all of you and apply it to some creative projects that I have in the pipeline. It's about time some bloggers wrote about me, is it not?

Lastly, a big thank you to ME! I rarely take a moment for myself to reflect (because that's lame) but I'm going to take a rare moment now to say that I am very pleased with myself and my dedication to my blog. Three years of daily postings and not much sleep is very much a middle class problem but it does mean sacrificing certain things to make the time for what you love doing. I only hope it continues, and that I can become as dedicated to my body and daily eating habits in the next year as I am to scouring the internet for fun editorials to post!

This last year has been an absolute blast, and next week I get to cross off one scalp-tattooed fella from my Top 10 interview wish list! That's right wasps, I will present to you 5 questions with.... FRANCOIS SAGAT.

Love Portis


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