Thursday, 19 April 2012

Watch "Hadès", A Musical Project by Franck Glenisson feat. Francois Sagat & Sylvia Göbbel |The Sting

What do you get when you mix one of Helmut Newton's muses (Sylvia Göbbel), an iconic gay pornstar and model (François Sagat), an incredibly talented Photographer looking to push the boundaries of his own creativity (Franck Glenisson) and a clown with no eyes?

....... Hades of course! Oh and there's no clown with no eyes, I made that up.

You can totally buy this song on iTunes by the way, which is inspired because I wasn't really taking this seriously at first but then when Sylvia and Francois start singing together (and you can hear that Francois has quite the lovely voice, right?) I suddenly became all kinds of invested and......... yeah, this is awesome! Love the direction from Franck, love Sylvia, love Francois, and I imagine I'm going to love the uncensored video when it is released even more than this censored one!


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