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Interview with Matthew Lyn


Hello Matthew! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers?
Hi! I'm Matthew Lyn and I'm from Canada! Aboot time for a Canadian eh?! I suppose there is a bit of a catch... I am a super mixed-up Canadian… Being Irish, Scottish, German, French, Native and Chinese (but from Jamaica).
Wow, you're like a walking Benetton ad!
Talk me through an average day in the life of you?
Oh an average day eh? I suppose I’ll skip past my non-working days because that consists of watching re-runs of The Golden Girls, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and a compilation of Star Trek episodes :-P Well, either I'm working on building my commercial clientele, retouching projects that I am months behind on or contacting Publicists trying to negotiate some arrangement for their actors. Talking with publicists consumes an incredible amount of time. lol

How did you discover photography when you were younger and what did you find so appealing about the medium that made you decide to pursue this as a profession?
Actually, I was never really interested in the arts at all. I was actually a "wannabe model"...ok, I’ll say it.. I'm gay and its pretty cliché for a nouveau gay to want to be a model (a dream short-lived) lol. I basically picked up a camera in 2007 and just started asking people on the street if they wanted to model for me. I did it very rarely at the time... but over-time (probably summer 2009) I got noticed by friends in the industry and that’s how I moved my way into shooting models. It was never a goal of mine to become a photographer as I was attending the University of Toronto doing a double major in Psychology and Anthropology.
Anthropology is the academic study of humanity, wasps. It deals with all that is characteristic of the human experience, from physiology and the evolutionary origins to the social and cultural organization of human societies as well as individual and collective forms of human experience. So in short, Matthew might just be the most intelligent man to have ever graced my blog!
Did it take you a while to find your photographic style? And how would you describe it now?
I think my photography style has always had a certain feel. It has always been fairly dark (always a balance between the light and the dark). My earlier photography lacked concept, visual acuity, and editing skills. Basically, the colours I thought were amazing were horrible, my concepts were so literal in nature that I find it comical now, and what I thought was totally "naturally retouched" looked like a plastic doll. lol Now, I really like to storyboard my ideas and go over it with my team members so that we are all on the same page.
For some of my readers who won’t be aware of your work (I wouldn't like to say it's because your Canadian but it probably is), you have shot for some very fancy fashion publications like Vogue Italia, Schon and Essential Homme to name but a few. Did you always see yourself going into fashion photography or is this just one side of you we are seeing?
Fashion photography was just a hobby that turned serious near the end of my University education. I never went to school for the arts.
Flash forward to now and you recently photographed big Joe Manganiello for Essential Homme – love the resulting spread! Can you describe the man-mountain in 3 words?
Lol. Hmmmmm 1. Hilariously Witty 2. Intimidating 3. An Alpha Male :-)
And was your day of shooting constantly interrupted by him having to eat protein like every 20 minutes?
Ummm no he was pretty good. We had catering so we had one break at lunch. We had all his nutrients available. :-P
As well as getting to work with handsome actors you also get to work with insanely gorgeous models – like seriously, life must be so hard for you Matthew! Who have been some of your favourite faces to photograph? And if you could choose both a male and female model to photograph who you haven’t yet had the pleasure of working with, who would you choose and why?
Oooh tough question. I am not sure I have a favourite face that I have photographed. I get more excited about the entirety of the concept (the clothing, where we're shooting, AND the talent/model). I feel I really have not dove into the real modelling industry living way up here in Canada. lol. If I could choose someone...nope.. I really do not have any aspirations to shoot any particular model. ALTHOUGH, I am dying to shoot actress Emma Stone. She is way too sassy-funny and I love her skills. HER, I would die to shoot.
Oh I'm sure it will happen one day!
Do you have a favourite photographer yourself? If so, what do you like about their work that keeps you interested.
I do have some favourite photographers; Paolo Roversi is at the top of my list because his imagery is so captivating. His use of the polaroid camera is astounding...the rich colours and the emotion he captures. Each image he creates is like a painting and I love it. It says more then just fashion.. It says art. Another photographer whom I love is Tyler Chadwick...his eery imagery is so fascinating. It’s so raw and edgy... he makes "scary" look beautiful. Both photographers keep me in check that photography is about the image, making whatever it is you shoot interesting and that photography is not all about how good you are at photoshop and image manipulation.
Where do you find inspiration on a daily basis for your work?
I do not have daily inspiration per se. My inspiration is of a different sort. I aspire everyday to be more then I am now. The people around me that believe in me, inspire me. I inspire myself because of what I have put myself through for each and every photo shoot. I pour everything that I am into my own work and its left me a bit broke. lol.
Can you talk about any fun projects you are working on at the moment or have in the pipeline?

Mmm I have recently landed a few new magazines (covers) and will be shooting some very cool actors and actresses in the upcoming year :-) I can't say who or for what magazine but... I am very excited :-)
A song that makes your heart skip a beat?
'Boyfriend' by Justin Bieber... justtt kiddddding :-P Hahaha I do not have any favourite songs!
I think you're just embarrassed that Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' song makes your heart skip a beat! But it's okay, I get that. A nice trick is to just close your eyes and pretend Justin Timberlake is singing the Biebs' new material! It's all guilt free after that my friend.
If you were to cook me dinner (which FYI I kind of expect from all of my interviewees) what would we eat? I’d supply the wine of course. Least I could do.
Mmm I’m quite the Jamaican cook. We'd be having curried goat with rice and peas and my Canadian side would bring the pumpkin cheesecake with strawberry toppings :-P
Well that sounds great! My Scottish side would actually bring a bottle of whiskey to dinner instead of wine, and my Portuguese side would cause heated arguments about nothing important whilst we eat! Sounds like the best dinner date ever, don’t you think?

A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?
Eating carbs late at night. Chips are my enemy. I'm getting phat :-(
If the world were coming to an end and you were allowed one last kiss, who would be lucky enough to land on your lips?
LOL. This made me laugh... hmmmmm. I dunno if I should say. Ryan Phillippe but Ryan from the mid-90's. Remember "Cruel Intentions"? Yesss! :-P
You're asking me if I remember that scene in Cruel Intentions when Ryan flashes his ass by the pool whilst towelling himself dry? No. Doesn't ring a bell.
What never fails to make you smile?
Sophia from The Golden Girls or possibly John Lithgow from 3rd Rock from the Sun. I can watch the same episode over and over and still find it just as hilarious! :-P
Well thank you Matthew but I'm afraid our time is up. I look forward to a slice of that pumpkin cheesecake you've promised me. I'm going to hold you to that!!!



  1. Awesome interview! Matthew seems super cool in addition to being amazingly talented and this interview is entertaining, informative and witty in the best Portis Wasp style.


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