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What is your biggest insecurity?

Matthew Stephen Herrick/Actor

"As an actor you are basically filled with insecurities. If someone doesn't like your work it basically feels like they are saying they don't like you. So things can get a bit personal at times. I think it's a bit of acceptance from your peers that's the scariest part. At the end of the day, you just gotta say "fuck it" and keep on doing your thing and getting better."

Jack Mackenroth/TV Personality/Model

"My biggest insecurity used to be that people said I was "pretty", not "handsome". It was meant as a compliment but I was very androgynous when I was young and I look just like my mom so it really used to bother me. I even had a teacher in high school who thought I was a girl for the first few days of class. Being gay, I was EXTREMELY sensitive to that. I still have a little bit of that lingering feeling but it could be worse. Now I'm more concerned with getting old and having my tits sag around my waist."

Jay Roberts/Porn Star

"Losing my friends. But most of all, worrying about my family. They are the closest to my heart."


" a performer, I think being insecure is kinda inherent in the whole process. The famous Sally Fields Oscar speech... "You like me, you reeeeally like me"!!!! What's the biggest? I like to treat them all equally so I couldn't possibly choose!"


"So Portis has challenged us to get serious on this Group 'not so' Fun post - I must admit I have mulled this question round in my little brain for a few days now and have come to the conclusion that my insecurities fall into the physical and mental realms! My little physical ones are usually based around appearance, (or at least that's what popped into my head today) I have a mole on my bottom that I HATE but others have loved (at least you'd spot me in a bottom parade) and I'm also terrible with my hair - if I see a split end and I'm by myself I have to cut it off otherwise I'm convinced others will see it and find my hair horrible (I blame hair shampoo adverts for this one!). But on the whole in terms of physical insecurities I have definitely got better with age...full nudity in front of female friends and lovers..bring it on! I don't know if it's a particularly positive thought but if any ladies are reading this and are insecure about their body then my 'fuck it' thought is always 'they'll have seen worse' even if it's on the internet rather than in 'real life' there is always someone out there worse off than you and that makes me appreciate what I've got and be proud of it.

I guess my biggest insecurity involves relationships - I'm not the kinda girl to fall easy, it takes a lot. I'm 27 now and at some point I want that settled lifestyle. Seeing more and more friends getting married definitely makes me feel a little troubled in terms of that sense of 'being behind' in that area of life. I definitely have to take deep breaths and step back from these thoughts from time-to-time and remind myself that happiness is a journey and that there is always the 'dogs and adoption' fall back plan for 10 years time. ;-)

My final word on insecurities would be not to worry about them! We wouldn't be human if we didn't have something in our life that made us feel a bit shaky at times..and we need those for empathy and likes someone with the ego the size of Venus in their lives."

Portis Wasp/Like duh?

"I would have to say my biggest insecurity is my skin. It has been somewhat problematic for me since the age of sixteen and has meant me having to take numerous medications and potions over the years to help keep it in check. I have to say I am very lucky in that compared to a lot of people who have to suffer with really bad acne all of their life my skin has improved quite a bit over the years from what it was at its worst (thanks to one particular potion) but it does still bother me a lot. It's quite hard to articulate to friends and family how shitty a bad skin day makes me feel when they don't really see the scars left behind (so they say!) or notice the troublesome breakouts as much as I do - cos as you can imagine Portis Wasp never strays far from a mirror. So that would be my biggest insecurity. But as you know (thanks to that pesky HD we're all in love with) it happens to the best of us... Cameron, Britney, Brad, those 101 Dalmations. I'm in very good company."

Barbie/Like duh?

"I know what ya’ll are thinking: what on EARTH does Barbie have to be insecure about? She’s blonde, beautiful, has a banging body and the world’s hottest hunk of plastic falling at her feet. Well dolls, contrary to popular belief, even I have fugly days! I AM HUMAN! Oh wait… Anyway, my biggest insecurity would have to be my knees… they can’t even frickin’ bend! I’m telling you, More magazine’s position of the week has been seriously limited thanks to my lack of flexibility below the waist. Thank God for my designer vagina…"

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  1. Thanks for this post and to all who responded. It's always comforting to know that we all have our own insecurities.


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