Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Interview with Chvrches


Hello Lauren from CHURCHES! Would you like to introduce yourselves to my readers?
We are Iain Cook (synths and programming), Martin Doherty (synths and samples) and Lauren Mayberry (vocals).
Also I'd like to know if you are currently emailing me from a Church? That would be a nice touch.
We are emailing from inside a windowless basement, which is essentially the same in terms of hope / lack thereof.
Very true.
How would you describe your sound?
Retro-tinged synth pop, with a penchant for melody, Depeche Mode and Robyn.
Consider me sold. So I love your new song LIES but it's got me questioning the following:
What is the song about?
Expectations, under-estimation and knowing how to give a good kick to the balls. Metaphorically. Perhaps literally.
What would the music video look like if you made one?
We now technically have one, which you can see here:

“Here’s one we prepared earlier AND IT'S FIERCE.” I like that. What's the worst lie you have ever told someone?
We don't lie about big things. Lauren always lies about being at a bus stop or waiting for a tube when she is actually inside her own house but that's pretty standard fibbing out of politeness.

Richard Aldred
Is a debut album something we can talk about? And if not, when can we expect another single?
We are writing the album now, with a view to recording at the end of this year and drop that motherlover at some point next year.
Let’s talk about “style inspiration” for the band? Think about what you're wearing, what your cd artwork will look like - stuff like that.
In terms of visuals and artwork, we are inspired by classic horror movies, designs that are a little bit sci-fi and a good, clean line. In terms of clothing, we have no real goal other than remaining as gamine as Alexa Chung, even if this means surviving on a diet of cardboard and our own faeces.
Well that’s the sacrifice one has to make if you want a Mulberry bag named after you. What can my wasps expect from a Churches live show? (Apart from it being held in a Church)
Plenty of gear, some heavy bass and maybe the odd bit of face paint.
A guilty pleasure you can't seem to quit?
‘Want U Back’ by Cher Lloyd.
Can you think of a film that you have seen which would have totally suited Churches featuring on the soundtrack?
Pretty in Pink. Nasty '80s James Spader 4 life.
Fabulous. Which item of clothing in your closet gets most wear and why?
Sensible high-waisted pants but with some sexy holes cut out of them to make them 'customised' and very fashion. We saw that on Lookbook.nu.
I think we were made for each other! If the world were coming to an end and you were allowed one last dance, which song would you dance to?
‘Africa’ by Toto. If you're going to die, you should die triumphantly, mid synth solo.
What never fails to make you smile?
The Beastie Boys. Shake your rump-a.
Thanks Lauren! I'll be praying every night now for that debut album to drop!

Let's play LIES again, shall we?


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