Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Henry Cavill Who? Portis Wasp’s Gym Diary Entry #1

Jessica Stam in V Magazine

Two one-to-one personal training sessions, one kettle bells class and a group personal training session... I think I worked harder last week at the gym than I have in the last year and that is quite sad to see in print. We all start a gym membership with good intentions and most of us have grand plans for our bodies; we are going to eat better by cutting out the crass amounts of junk food we put in our mouths, work harder to build muscle and tone those wobbly bits, say no to our vices like smokes, booze and one night stands (maybes), and stubbornly march against the routine our life has become in the quest for a healthier lifestyle with modelling gigs on the side. But do we actually question during our gym induction the amount of hard work that is actually required to achieve this? I certainly didn’t four years ago, so it is no surprise that my body looks just the same now as it did then. Nearly £2,000 spent (£38 a month for 12 months x 4 years) and no Rick Day editorials to show for it. I may as well have bought that lovely Gucci Leather Jacket I liked on mrporter.com or booked myself a trip to New York. Perspective. So why do I feel the need for a drastic change now? Why not carry on like I have been and have that third coffee this morning instead of typing up this post? I think in short I’ve hit rock bottom. But isn’t that the best place to start if you are looking for a full body overhaul?!

Over the next few weeks I will be updating my wasps on the progress I make in the new gym I joined only last week; I will cover the one-to-one sessions with my personal trainer, the group classes I will be attending, and the results I will hopefully see after a few hundred sessions under my belt. There may even be a Halloween themed post where I share photos of my newly buff body – scary huh? In all seriousness though this is long overdue, but I am excited to see what I might be able to achieve if I put my mind to it. And my mind is on it "hard" wasps. I even bought a new pair of trainers at the weekend, unheard-of.

For now, allow me to leave you with my gymspiration, the man who will motivate to get my sh*t together any time I see him papped or at Superman junkets... his name is Henry Cavill.

Henry Cavill as Superman-2

Henry Cavill and I are both the same age I recently found out, which means only one thing my dear wasps, there is much WERQ to be done.


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