Sunday, 19 August 2012

'Spellbound' by Steven Meisel for W Magazine's September Issue

'Spellbound' by Steven Meisel for W Magazine

Well this isn't creepy at all. Oh and the model being roasted over the open fire.... she is called Peyton Knight and she is only 13 years old wasps so Steven Meisel really went for it with this editorial for W Magazine's September issue. Much to complain about here if you like to complain about things! I actually love it, very Pan's Labyrinth, and you can trust (even though you might find it all kinds of unfathomable and inappropriate) that miss Peyton Knight is going to book a lot of jobs now. Lots and lots. Also, she's going to grow very tall if her legs are already this long at the age of thirteen.

'Spellbound' by Steven Meisel for W Magazine-2
'Spellbound' by Steven Meisel for W Magazine-3
'Spellbound' by Steven Meisel for W Magazine-4
'Spellbound' by Steven Meisel for W Magazine-5
'Spellbound' by Steven Meisel for W Magazine-6



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