Saturday, 11 August 2012

Which Olympic Country Would You Most Like To Make Out With?

Olympics London 2012 Most Fanciable Country

Barbie: Considering I know their National Anthem better than my own, and I've always wanted one of those Green Card thingys, Team USA have been at the forefront of my Olympic viewing schedule. No, I've not been slobbing out watching them on TV dolls, I've been casually parading my ass around Westfield Stratford City in the hope of bumping into some of those fiiiiine atheletes. And let me tell ya, those American boys do not disappoint! From OC-style water polo player Merrill Moses, to gymnast Sam Mikulak and his delightful bulge, I'd definitely make out with Team USA. Let's face it, the Americans INVENTED the make out, so they ought to be pretty good at it! Oh, and FYI... their basketball team is one pool of hot chocolate I'd love to take a dip in ;-)

Olympics London 2012 Most Fanciable Country-2

Darren Black: Got to be TeamDB - sorry TeamGB (they copied me...) - autofelatio much? I've never even heard of some of these other countries - in actual fact - you didn't hear this from me but I was told *whispers behind hand* some of those "countries" we saw on the Opening Ceremony were actually just pub quiz teams on a boozy pub crawl in their sports/leisurewear...

Olympics London 2012 Most Fanciable Country-3

Velvet Code: Sweden. Sweden :-)

Olympics London 2012 Most Fanciable Country-4

Nik Thakkar: A threeway with Sweden and Brazil. Obvs.

Olympics London 2012 Most Fanciable Country-5

Sarah/Popledge: I am going to have to go with America! I just love the American psyche around the Olympics. I have this wild fantasy about moving over there and having blonde all American boys throwing themselves at my feet due to my English accent and charms. In the same fantasy I imagine after a snog they would all shout out 'AMERICA, FUCK YEAH' ala Team America World Police. Now that would be fun!

Olympics London 2012 Most Fanciable Country-6

Sam Scott Schiavo: I consider myself an Ambassador of Love ... although I do have a tendency to be generous with the Eastern European Community, I would not want to limit myself to any specific nation! Can I make a list? Does this make me a tramp? Let's do a mix/tour Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary and Moldova! I am what I am!

Olympics London 2012 Most Fanciable Country-7

Colby Keller: Wait, the Olympics are going on? Why have I not been cast in any Olympic themed porn movies?!! Since I didn't see the opening ceremonies, I'll have to go with my fatherland, the Ukraine . . . Or Switzerland . . . Being a halfie is hard!

Clark Lichty: I think Sweden or Australia ... Especially based on the Australian sprinter, Michelle Jenneke's warmup routine/dance.

Olympics London 2012 Most Fanciable Country-8

Barrett Pall: I'm going with Sweden. Everyone loves a good Blonde.

Ariel Amejeiras: Serbia and/or Hungary's water polo teams are looking good... Not sure about the rest of their team.

Olympics London 2012 Most Fanciable Country-9
Jack Mackenroth: The entire American Volleyball team. It looks like Ford Models put together the team. Grrrrrr

Olympics London 2012 Most Fanciable Country-10

Jon Seneca: The American men's diving team because they are lean, mean, and have nice asses! ;-)

Olympics London 2012 Most Fanciable Country-11

Portis Wasp: During the Opening Ceremony I fell in love with the idea of being gang banged by the Danish team. Joking... um, somewhat. But it wasn't meant to be wasps. My destinee lead me to an indoor volleyball match between the United States and Korea one night and it changed everything... There standing "on the corner" of the court was a hooker. But not just any hooker wasps... This one stood 6 ft 4 tall (in flats), had a mane to rival Naomi's and a face on her that demanded an apology from you for being so daring as to look at it for longer than a trick second! Yes, I am talking about THE Destinee Hooker. She became my everything that night, so I guess I choose USA. Not for the Green Card, or for the double dates with Barbie and Sam Mikulak... but for love, with a hooker.


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