Sunday, 23 September 2012

Boxers Or Briefs?

 Adrian Long
"Boxers babe.  I have a straight guy soul."

Stan Madden
"All about the briefs baby!  Boxers should seize to exist... eww!"

Kyle Anderson

Clark Lichty
"Boxers - Never. Briefs - Sometimes. Boxer Briefs - Most of the time. They are comfortable and can reveal muscularity at the same time! You get the best of both worlds... and things actually stay in place. Plus, if you forget your trunks at the beach...they are more "acceptable" to wear than the "brief" or "man thong" you see occasionally on people who shouldn't wear them. Ever. HA!

P.s. a little secret of mine... I wash my underwear and ALWAYS hang dry them. Never in the dryer... I buy very nice underwear, and this preserves the life of them!"

Jack Mackenroth
"I prefer briefs that make my ass look good. I like me man in boxer-briefs or a jock."
Barrett Pall
"Well if I was to wear underwear it would probably be briefs but I'm usually commando."

 Sam Scott Schiavo
Indifferent, as long as they are clean, fresh and full of surprises!"

Philip Normal

Darren Black
"Briefs! Nice and tight - I can't stand the feeling of having nothing supporting me and also, let's be fair, no one needs to see the results of a bumpy tube ride first thing in the morning... #convoycock"

 Velvet Code
"No undies. Ou est le underpants?!?!  That's the real question!"

Jonathan Pryce
"I used to be strictly an M&S white brief kind of guy, but ever since discovering Burton Wode boxers, I find it hard to go back."
Eric Schwabel
"I tend to prefer a man in boxers and generally that's my preferred undergarment uniform, if anything. Model types always wear briefs, and god bless 'em, they usually look great, but I think boxers are a more comfortable/masculine look."

 Nik Thakkar
"Briefs in general but silk boxers to sleep in. Also I only wear designer underwear and expect the same of someone I am with. It's the piece of clothing that touches you the most intimately. Why would you want anything less?"
Euan Robertson
"Or nothing at all?! A lady in boxers is one of my favourite things (tell Julie Andrews that's what was missing from the song!)"

 Simon Dexter
"Boxers of briefs? It's a question of taste and preference and occasion. When I was growing up I only wore whitey tighty Hanes and Fruit of the Loom's. As I got older, jr High, Highschool, I started wearing more boxers but still wore briefs. Sometimes I mixed in a jock strap for wrestling and boxer briefs for soccer to keep the goods safe. As I got older, in college, I began mixing in going commando. I still do on occasion, but currently I'd say I'm almost always wearing a pair of DEX prototype briefs."
Ariel Amejeiras
"BOXERS!!! Even the name is sexy... And there's a reason why testicles are outside the body! So why squeeze them up again?"

Matthew Stephen Herrick
"Boxer briefs! Duh. Fit nice. Offer "support" ;-) and sexy as hell. Black Calvin Kleins is the way to go. Always." 
Sarah Popledge
"On a man...boxer briefs! You know those nicely fitted ones that have the 'Y' bit but also go down the leg. To me it is worth investing some money in some decent undies to errmm emphasise your 'package.'  For me? Girl boxers seemed to be everywhere about 5 years ago and I did wear some then. But now I'd say sleeping in boxers is about as far as I'd go! If I had to wear some for a day I'd probably go briefs...I think they'd give you less VPL!"

To be continued.


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