Sunday, 9 September 2012

Henry Cavill Who? Portis Wasp’s Gym Diary Entry #3

Any excuse for a shirtless David Gandy illustration

This is only my third gym diary entry and I can tell you that the novelty has well and truly worn off wasps, which I guess is a good thing as I now feel like it's normal to beat up my body every other day for forty-five minutes at a time. I visited the gym four times this week, five times last week and I am booked in for at least four sessions this week. I have tackled every class on offer, my second weigh in 2 weeks ago confirmed a drop in approximate body age by one year (my body is now forty years old lol) and I appear to have put on 1.5lbs of muscle! I wouldn't say there is a noticeable change in my body shape but I do already feel a massive change in myself and every session in the gym has introduced me to a new way to work my body; my stretch and core class on Saturday for example was combined with a yoga class one of the trainers takes so as well as the expected planks, twists and turns I am now accustomed to, some quite unexpected warrior poses were thrown in for good measure which were super tough to execute but an enjoyable challenge. I also think I sweated more in that class than I did when I was told my approximate body age was forty-one years old. And still I must; insert an eye roll.

In my next gym update I think I might focus in on a specific class or maybe my new gym crush or perhaps I'll just complain about how tired I am "all of the time", but you can rest assured that I will not be quitting this anytime soon. Henry Cavill I am coming for you but until the day when a thousand tumblrs are simultaneously launched to pay homage to me and my body built for sin I will forever-and-a-day salute your body.

Henry Cavill Shirtless

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