Saturday, 8 September 2012

Richard Renaldi's 'Hotel Room Portraits'

I guess the highlight of my day wasn't the power yoga moves I was slaying this morning at the gym but the discovery I made this afternoon of photographer Richard Renaldi's Hotel Room Portraits series. Since 1999 Richard and his partner Seth Boyd have recorded every Hotel stay they have shared together with a single photograph of their Hotel room (yes, really!), and what I took from this series of photos immediately is that #1 these guys travel a lot, #2 there are so many funny wallpaper patterns to be discovered all over the World, and #3 they look super adorable together. Flicking through their Hotel Room scrapbook feels a lot like watching Weekend, the intimacy between these two guys is lovely to see, but you'll be happy to hear their isn't a dictaphone in sight so I promise there will be no man tears shed before bed time. You can view the ongoing project here, but before you make that jump I just wanted to share some of my favourites from Richard's Hotel Room Portraits series. Enjoy.


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