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Interview with This Many Boyfriends

Hello ‘This Many Boyfriends’! Would you like to introduce yourselves to my readers?  

Laura: I’m Laura.
Daniel: My name is Daniel, I play guitar.
Ben: Hello you. I'm Ben on rhythm guitar.
Richard: HI! I’m Richard. I sing, shout, and annoy people.
Tom: I'm Tom on bass.

Thanks guys!  So talk me through an average day in the life of you?

Laura: Admin followed by admin.
Daniel: An 'average' day would consist of working, getting home and playing guitar, playing computer games, other evenings may consist of band practice, going to see bands the usual boring stuff.
Ben: Bed, Marmite on toast, coffee, coffee, computers, food, Loose Women, coffee, guitars, ukuleles, guitars, Cubase, food, red wine, bed.
Richard: Working in a boring admin job, checking what people have said about us on twitter, watching Parks and Recreation, sleep.
Tom: Tea, football manager, work, play bass, listen to some new album, beer.

Your self-titled debut album is due for release on 8th October. I was going to ask what it is called, but you’ve decided to go for quite the uninspiring self-title so instead I’m going to have to ask you what you had for breakfast today?

Laura: Someone at work had a birthday so I had brownies and coffee.
Daniel: We were going to call it 'Going out with...This Many Boyfriends". I had a cereal bar, and a can of Red Bull... I started work at 6am.
Ben: My suggestion of "Half an hour with....This Many Boyfriends" was cruelly rebuffed, rebuked and rejected. This morning I had toast sans Marmite.  
Richard: Too many arguments about a title so we copped out and went S/T. It’s lame, I know. Breakfast on a normal day is orange juice, a banana and an apple. On more hungover and tired days it’s a bacon sandwich and a can of full fat coke. By my portly physique you can tell I have A LOT of tired days.

Tell me again please why you decided to call your debut album ‘This Many Boyfriends’? And how many Boyfriends are we talking about?

Laura: We decided to call it This Many Boyfriends because our band name is This Many Boyfriends. Also we couldn’t think of anything better.
Ben: Couldn't agree with each other on anything. 
Richard: As above, lots of disagreement and waiting left us with S/T. It’s fine. We are 4 boyfriends and 1 girlfriend. In that we all have boyfs and girlfs so HANDS OFF YOU BAYING SEX CRAZED PUBLIC!
Tom: Because democracy doesn't work.

That's so sad.

How would you describe the album to my readers to get them to buy a copy? Bear in mind they love Rihanna and porn, detest Annie Lennox and Ewan McGregor, and have no opinion on new singer Jessie Ware. (I think it’s just one too many Jessie’s to be fair!)

Laura: Really fucking awesome.
Daniel: Some songs were written with my hatred for Annie Lennox at the forefront of my mind. Its good though, listen to it guys.
Ben: It's melodic Indiepop porn of the hardcore variety. NSFW. It's also as pop as Rihanna.
Richard: Jessie Ware is dull but harmless; however Jessie J is the devil. Um. Our record is good, simple pop music that is very, very loud at times.
Tom: It's like Rihanna porn with a side of Annie Lennox and Ewan McGregor being killed and nothing like new singer Jessie Ware.

If all of the above is "fact" I totally think you're going to win the Mercury Prize guys.  Congrats! How would you describe the overall sound of the album?

Laura: Vibey.
Daniel:, it’s just us ripping off The Cribs and The Smiths, and The Cure, and Jesus and Mary Chain.
Ben: It's big and it's clever. It's designed to be played loud at low volume.
Richard: Alright.
Tom: The speakers vibrate the air which is picked up by the ear and translated by the brain into coherent sounds.

Omg you guys it's almost as if you've just described Rihanna's new song, Diamonds! You really are slaying me. I see you will be playing a few shows in October – none of which will be in Scotland. Explain please?

Laura: We hate the Scottish. Its too far away. And Scotland stole my best friend.
Ben: We appear to have been silenced by Edinburgh City Council.  
 Daniel: We got offered a gig in Scotland, but then Scotland didn't want us.
Richard: Edinburgh hates loud music.

 Well this is a little awkward guys but I just got off the phone with Edinburgh City Council and they told me that they were more than happy for you to play in the City just as long as you changed the name of your album but you "apparently" told them you really liked the name of your album and had decided on the self-title years before?!

Are you looking forward to touring? Or are you worried that it’s a great opportunity for lots of people to complain about the name of your album, which would be all kinds of awkward for you I bet?

Laura: Touring is a tonne of fun even though its mostly sitting around. Sitting in the van for 9 hours, sitting around at the venue, sitting behind some drums. It’s exciting though and I get to see friends who live in other bits of the country. Bring on the complainers! If you’re complaining about the title you’re doing it wrong. We could have called it ‘Raditude’ for fucks sake.
Daniel: If lots of people complain that would hopefully still lead to a lot of people listening to it.
Ben: Looking forward to getting banned from a popular chain of budget hotels.
Richard: If they complain I will point them towards ALL the other great self-titled records and promise our second album will have THE GREATEST TITLE OF ALL TIME. It will not, I repeat not, be called This Many Boyfriends II: The Sequel.
Tom: As long as you don't try and talk to us it'll be great.

What can my ENGLISH wasps expect from a This Many Boyfriends show?

Laura: We’re going to Wales too. It’s just the Scottish we hate.
Daniel: Noise, tunes and little to no wanky dancing.
Ben: Loud electric guitars, Tom Toms, Tom, and a diminutive ginger man running into the audience and screaming in your poor face at the end.
Richard: I will scream in EVERY single punters face. It’s part of the experience.
Tom: Explosions!

In contrast to your album’s title your new single has a much better name, I Don’t Like You (‘Cos You Don’t Like The Pastels’). Who is the song about and why does that person not like The Pastels?!!!

Richard: Um that’s not our new single! Our new single is ‘Number One’ and it is about visiting my girlfriend when she was at university in Newcastle. Granted ‘Pastels’ is on the LP and it is about said girlfriend and how I loved her more than her music taste. She likes the Pastels but that’s not why I like her. I believe you could call it a double negative. CLEVER.

Oh. Then why have I spent twenty minutes googling images of fruit pastilles? Also, I'm probably going to delay posting this interview out of spite so probably by the time my wasps read this you will indeed have a music video out, but as of now you don't. So.... Can we expect a music video? Oh and I’d also like to know what your current favourite music video is and why?
Laura: You can. It’s going to be like Someday except without Slash or smoking indoors. Nobody watches music videos anymore do they? I used to watch MTV2 all the time when I was a youth. I watched Withered Hand’s new video the other day and that is awesome, because it’s a good song and it’s got some people we know in it.
Daniel: The Wizard of Oz.
Ben: Talking Heads, Madness and Housemartins videos are the best. The single will have a video to it but I have no idea what it will contain.
 Richard: We did a video for ‘(I Should Be A) Communist’ that had us chased by a disgruntled Communist bear around Hyde Park in Leeds. My favourite video is the whole of ‘Stop Making Sense’ by Talking Heads.

A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit as a band?

Laura: Drinking beer that isn’t technically ours.
Daniel: Using band funds to buy beer.
Ben: Not rehearsing very much.
Richard: Stealing. Actually that’s a crime not a guilty pleasure. Shit.

Is it really a crime?!!! Shit.   If the world were coming to an end and you were allowed one last kiss, who would be lucky enough to land on your lips?

Laura: Lindsay Lohan.
Daniel: Deborah Meaden.
Ben: 'r Lass.
Richard: Bane. Not Tom Hardy. Bane. With the mask.

Would you like to ask Portis Wasp a question?

Laura: If you had an album what would you call it?
I would call it 'Tales of a Tin Man'. Good, huh?  Took me 3 seconds guys!  COME ON.
Daniel: Want to put us on in Scotland in October?
Ben: Why?
Richard: WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH A STOOPID NAME?! God, it’s so unoriginal.
Yes I think it's amazing too but thank you.  And it's universal don't you know; wherever you are in the world it means the same thing!

What never fails to make you smile?

Laura: Photos of my sister when she was a fat baby.
Daniel: Maru the cat.
Ben: People tripping up in the street.
Richard: Cats that look like Ron Swanson.

If your band were a salad, what kind of dressing would you have?

Laura: Fuck salad. We’d be a burrito.
Daniel: Raspberry sauce
Ben: A dressing down.
Richard: What is salad?

Ugh, I give up.  This Many Boyfriends' Self-titled debut album is out now.


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