Saturday, 29 December 2012

25 Magazine Covers to Die For in 2012

Magazine Covers to Die For in 2012; I will undoubtedly change my mind in an hour or two from now but that's a given with anything I post on my blog so we'll just have to take these 25 magazine cover highlights from the last year as 'bible'. I am a tad annoyed that there aren't many models featured here but hey ho, they'll have their time to shine in other end of year posts over the next couple of days. I chose each cover for a variety of reasons but I would like to acknowledge the true stars of this post; Iris, Grace, Angela and Joan. You put dem younger broads to shame ladies, and you would have all still  featured had I restricted myself to only 5 magazine cover highlights in 2012.  Click each magazine cover to enlarge.   


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