Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Fourth 'Room Service' Sextape Leaks All Over The Interwebs, And Yes You Will Feel Like A Right Fatty Watching These Boys Dance In Their Pants

Room Service is a club night, created by Jodie Harsh, which is held every Thursday in London. All the cool kids with fierce bodies attend, and on an average night you might bump into the likes of Francois Sagat.... and I'll stop there.  There is every chance that you will be dancing half nekkid in a room with Francois Sagat!!!  I still haven't sampled Room Service, which is fine as I don't think I'm quite ready to meet Francois and his scalp tattoo without losing my shit but in six months from now when I am down to 8% body fat I will hop on a train to the big city and slut it up with these uber-sexy Jeremy Scott sponsored freaks.

Until then I can take comfort in the fact that parties can still be super fun without me.  Like, not one person in this sextape at any point asks; "Where's Portis?"  That's nice.  Directed by Thomas Knights and Jodie Harsh, and featuring hotties like Cazwell, Willam Belli, Adam Killian and Simon Sherry-Wood, allow me to present to you; Room Service: The Sextape Part 4...

Amazing.  For more information on Room Service please visit their website here and facebook here.  You can also read my interview with Jodie Harsh here - which is a lot of fun, obviously.

Oh, and Hamish Bowles, Editor-At-Large of Vogue, attended Room Service last week.  Just sayin.



  1. That looked so much fun! Being straight and female is positively dull in comparison. As an aside, Jodie Harsh could teach many a woman (including myself) how to walk in heels, I can only stride like that with two inches or less.


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