Monday, 10 December 2012

What do you think Paz de la Huerta's 'Petale Noir' Fragrance Smells Like?

Apparently, Petale Noir is a 'beautiful scent that epitomises sensuality and unlocks the darker side of female seduction.' Understandably though, with Paz de la Huerta as the face of Agent Provocateur's new fragrance, one wouldn't be chastised for presuming Petale Noir smells a lot like something that crawled out of the forest in Evil Dead. Heck, even the rapey tree from the horror classic gets a cameo in this campaign image!  Paz is for sure a funny choice for this based on her being, well, Paz de la Huerta, but you have to admit, the crazy chica does scrub up very well.  Also, it's Agent Provocateur we're talking about here.  They do love a slutty sell.  
  Order your bottle of tree rot here.


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