Thursday, 28 February 2013

First Look: Charlotte Gainsbourg in 'Nymphomaniac'

If you are a fan of Lars von Trier's films, like I am (total die-hard for that man), then you'll know that the stories he tells don't exactly make for an easy watch but everything on screen in a Lars von Trier film will looks absolutely gorgeous and assault your senses in the best possible way from start to finish.  Guaranteed.

Nymphomaniac tells the story of a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg) who recounts her erotic experiences to a man who saves her after a beating.  The image above I'm guessing is of Charlotte post-beating, and the image atop this blog post promises, um, a three-way that will possibly maybe definitely go wrong.  I seriously can't wait for this to be released later this year!


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