Saturday, 23 February 2013

Interview with Fake Major

 Fake Major Interview 2013

Hello boys! Would you like to introduce yourselves to my readers?

Hello! We are a four-armed singer songwriter based in Glasgow, consisting of David McGinty and Richard Ferguson. We both sing and play guitar.

Talk me through an average day in the life of Fake Major?

Hmm… an average Fake Major day starts with an early morning rise and a light workout (Richard) or mid-morning nap (David). Afterwards, we normally go to our practice space to chat/ write/ record/ practice. David will drink an unhealthy amount of coffee. I will spend the day criticizing David’s unhealthy coffee consumption.

Uh huh, and what made you choose your name?

‘Fake Major’ comes from the name we gave to a cat that lives on my street. We thought it sounded good, and the alternatives we came up with were brutal. Easy decision.

So tell me a little about your song ‘Little Researcher’, like, what is the song about and why is its length 3 minutes and 33 seconds… That can’t be a coincidence surely?

Richard: We began writing this song while our previous band was self-destructing. It felt different to what we had been doing before and evolved pretty easily. Didn’t even realize it was 3 minutes and 33 seconds until you said – it must be some sort of hidden message?

It must be.


David: Lyrically, while Richard and I were talking about new projects and making plans, I kept telling him about an idea for a song about a child character trying to figure out how the world works and being terrified by her parents’ explanations. It’s probably the first song we’ve written that is about a character and not in the first person.

You are currently touring your sound through February and March.  How are the live gigs coming together, and what can my wasps expect from a Fake Major live experience?

The live shows have been great so far, and we are excited to be back playing in front of people again after being holed up in our practice room for the last few months. Your wasps can expect lots of beards, vocal harmonies and awkward silences. Currently it’s only the two of us playing live, but we have already started rehearsing with some friends to help beef things up!

This is kind of awkward but I’d like you both to rate each other’s beards?

Richard on David: Colour 7/10, Consistency 9/10, Strokeability 8/10.  Overall 8/10.

David on Richard: Colour 8/10, Consistency 7/10, Strokeability 8/10.  Overall 8/10.

Can we talk about an album yet? And if so, what can you say about it?

No plans for an album yet. We have an EP coming out at the start of April 2013 and we shall see where that takes adventure takes us. It has 4 tracks and is titled “Have Plenty Of Fun”. We were able to work with some amazing people for this EP and are very proud of how it sounds.

Fake Major Interview 2013-2

 A song that makes your heart skip a beat?

Big Star - 'Thirteen'

What’s your favourite kind of pie?

American Pie 3: The Wedding

A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit as a band?

Listening to Neil Diamond’s Greatest Hits. (I don’t think this is strictly something we should feel guilty about?)

Aw, bless you... It is.

Fake Major Interview 2013-3

If I gifted both of you the experience of a lifetime, a starring role on 'Dancing on Ice', what song would you choose to skate to and what would be your signature move?

Richard: Kelly Marie “Feels Like I’m in Love”. My signature move would be the karate chop as demonstrated in this video: 

David: I don’t actually do crystal meth, but were I to start dancing on ice all my moves would be pretty spectacular.

If the world were coming to an end and you were allowed one last kiss, who would you choose and why?

Richard: Each other. For obvious reasons.

David: No comment.

What happens next?

After the world ends? Not 100% sure to be honest.
Thanks boys!


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