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Interview with FEATHERS

Hello Feathers! Would you like to introduce yourselves to my readers?
Anastasia, singer-songwriter Courtney, bass
Alex, guitar
Kathleen, keys

Talk me through an average day in the life of you?
Anastasia: Every day is very different. My favourite days, I'm either on tour with the band or home and able to wake up whenever I wake up, grab a green juice, and make some music. Other days, I am heading to the airport to travel somewhere for a day or two of freelance work... Nights- if I'm back in NY, I'm out every night with friends, but when I'm in Austin, if I'm not getting together with the band, I am usually working on something for the band or other creative pursuits, and I am very much a loner- Austin is my creative retreat. To quote Gary Numan, "So now I'm alone /Now I can think for myself." 

Courtney: Morning for me is French-pressed coffee and maybe an episode of the Kids in the Hall, during the day I'll read or possibly shop for some vintage furniture, at night I have some kind of band practice or work on my own music, eat some sushi, watch a movie. 
Alex: I spend the day at work (Feathers Vintage or Moss, Austin) and usually have band practice for either Feathers or Ringo Deathstarr, hang out with my cats, eat as many tacos as I can before I pass out.

Kathleen: On an average day I am shopping for my online vintage store , styling a photo shoot, perfecting the perfect cup of coffee, and hanging out with these lovely ladies.
I think if I was asked to describe your debut single Land Of The Innocent in one word the word I would use would be amazing. How would you describe your new single in one word?

Anastasia: Wistful
Alex: Eerie
Kathleen: Powerful
Also, what do you think of Justin Timberlake’s new single? And do you think anyone will ever describe it one word as amazing?

I like it... I like JT... but I'm a sucker for lots of pop. I could really do without the intro and the Jay Z section though... It's like "just write a good bridge instead, please"
Alex: He's gonna leave it on the floor but I wish he'd leave it in the trash.
Courtney: I just listened for the first time, sounds smooth. I'm sure someone somewhere will think it's amazing.
Kathleen: Couldn't agree more with Alex on this one!

I’d like to know how FEATHERS came to be and why you chose the name you did for the band? 

Anastasia: I moved to Austin and was building on almost an album's worth of songs when I asked each member (who I knew socially in one way or another) if they'd join me to get the live set going, and pretty soon, we had a real band. I liked the name because I like the way the letters look, and I really like that you have no idea what the band will sound like from just the name. 

So your single is out in March and your debut album If All Now Here is out in April. What can we expect from the album? I think I’d be happy enough with a Land Of The Innocent radio edit and ten remixes to be honest but I imagine you’ve actually stuck to the conventional approach of working on 10 or so different songs that will all be just as amazing as Land Of The Innocent?

Anastasia: Thanks... we will have several LOTI remixes too, but my hopes are that the other songs get the same enthusiasm!

What is your favourite song on the album TODAY and what song are you most excited to play live after the album is released?

Anastasia: My favourites to play live are Soft and Welcome Possession. We also played a cover of Everyday is Halloween a couple of times that I enjoyed playing a lot.

Alex: My personal favourite is Dark Matter.

Courtney: My favourite song is Dream Song. I always have fun playing Familiar So Strange live.

Kathleen: Dream Song
Also, pretend you’re a journo for Rolling Stone for a moment. What would you rate your album out of five?

Anastasia: I'm biased...
 Alex: This album goes to 11.

The cover art I have seen from you so far is all kinds of amazing – so well done. Not enough artists these days present themselves on single or album covers as well as they could. So will your music videos follow suit and be a visual experience that knows no bounds – just like your sound?
Anastasia: Thanks, we definitely have given the video-making process our all, and have been lucky to have inspired people to actually approach us, just for the love of the music. That's truly a gift. It's harder when you are a self-made project and have to do it with your own resourcefulness and elbow grease, but it's also very satisfying. 
I would call that video satisfying, for sure!  A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit as a band?

Anastasia: George Michael, 5-hour energy.
Alex: Terrible dance moves.
Courtney: Shopping and spending the money for good meals when traveling!
Kathleen: Robyn's 'Show Me Love'.

A song that makes your heart skip a beat?

Anastasia: If we're talking strictly heart-skipping (as opposed to other wonderful feelings...) right this second I will say ‘I Want You Now’ and ‘Condemnation’ by Depeche Mode, or anything off of ‘Songs of Faith and Devotion’- because those are constant. But there are so many. Anything with a thick, beautiful voice and sweeping sentiment. The Comsat Angels, lots of 80s songs, ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ INXS.

Alex: ‘In n' Out of Grace’ by Mudhoney.

Courtney: ‘Silent Shout’ by The Knife. The live versions of that whole album are amazing.

Kathleen: Santo & Johnny's ‘Sleepwalk’. I fall in love every time!

What never fails to ruffle your feathers?

Anastasia: road bullies (bullies in general) and anyone who coughs or sneezes without covering their mouths! Getting a cold is a singer's kryptonite.

Alex: People who take themselves too seriously. 

Which item of clothing in your closet gets most wear and why?

Anastasia: Anything soft... I'm very particular about what touches my skin!

Alex: My thigh high socks because I'm too lazy to shave my legs.

Kathleen: I have a leather jacket that I live in... at least during the tiny winter season that Texas offers. 

Did Beyonce really lip-sync the ‘Star Spangled Banner’?

Anastasia: I'm not really up on Beyoncé news...

Alex: Beyoncé was in Destiny's Child so she can pretty much do whatever she wants.

Courtney: I'm not sure, but if she did she pulled it off, sounded awesome!

Would you like to ask Portis Wasp a question?

Anastasia: What is a Portis?
Absolutely nothing without the wasp part! So what happens next?

Anastasia: Where do I begin?
Alex: Lunch!
Thanks girls!

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