Thursday, 4 April 2013

Beyoncé Has A Dance-Off With Her Former Selves in New Pepsi "Mirrors" Commercial

The prospect of Beyoncé challenging her former selves to a dance off for Pepsi's new commercial is something to get excited about, right?  Remember those great Pepsi commercials with Britney?! So many great memories!  Britney on a beach.  Britney dancing in a factory.  Britney in a gladiator ring with Pink and Beyoncé - so amazing.  But this, this kinda plays like Beyoncé on a budget.  It's the kind of video one might expect to intro her concert or more appropriately a guest appearance on something kind of eww like Got To Dance.   I just think it's a bit misjudged and all kinds of disappointing.  The shattering glass bit is amazing but that only plays for a quick second. 


I also came away missing 'Crazy In Love' Beyoncé!  She had some sick style.  Not like new Beyoncé who seemed more at ease taking big gulps from that can of Pepsi.  So anyways, maybe I just miss Britney but I'm not liking this as much as I hoped I would.  It doesn't feel like an 'event', and it should.  It probably cost a lot to make after all.  Visit


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