Sunday, 7 April 2013

How Do You Like Your Soda Pop?


"I crave champagne!!! That's like soda... And alcohol. Lol"
Nikki Williams

"I would be a very Boring Coke and super commercial bitch! My big dream!  Easy face marketing commercial face, mainstream bitch!"
Benjamin Dukhan


"Cream Soda, two straws (bendy), straight out of the can - BAM!"
Darren Black

"Is there any question? I'm the official Diet Coke couture poster boy - especially when it is in one of my Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier or Karl Lagerfeld bottles!"
Nik Thakkar

"Soda Pop is for kids! I have other means to cause an effervescent 'rush' by using my simple... natural... talents to bring you to an all natural explosive conclusion. Was I clear enough for ya?"
Sam Scott Schiavo

"I have a confession to make. My name is Barbie and I'm a Red Bull addict. It's not big and it's not clever, but when you work in my industry and you don't like coffee, it's a frickin' necessity.
Obviously I stick to the sugar free version to avoid cavities and calories, but with a daily prescription anywhere between one and eight cans, I'm like a walking heart palpitation! Or maybe that was your heart that just skipped a beat..."

"If my choices are limited, Dr. Pepper (aka Mr. Pibb in some parts), 'cause I plan to marry up. If I'm at a crazy health foods/large grocer, then I'd pick the MOST ORGANIC, MOST NATURAL, MOST HAND-CRAFTED LOCALLY AND OBNOXIOUSLY LABELED healthy version of soda I've never heard of, 'cause I plan to marry up."
Colby Keller

"Faygo Red Pop! Most of you will not know about this stuff unless you're from "The D""
Todd Sanfield

"Extra spicy Ginger Beer, dear."
Christopher Dibble

"I don't drink soda. Haven't in a billion years, unless its mixed with alcohol which is rare because I like my whiskey on the rocks."
Matthew Stephen Herrick

"COKE ZERO!  It's like crack in a bottle......"
Venfield 8

"It's in my riders for shoots too and I drink it by the case - Red Bull total zero and Smart Water."
Stewart Shining

"My choice is always Pepsi, so Beyonce could do me! I love it's caramel colour, and it's sexy. "
Danijel Galic

 "Well, when it comes to soda for me I would have to go with a refreshing glass of Birch Beer. It's like Root Beer's sexy white cousin. Quenches the thirst and give you fresh breathe. For soda that's an accomplishment!"
Phil Shaw

"Well I should probably say Irn Bru since I grew-up in Scotland, which I do like, but I have to reach over to my Italian roots and say San Pellegrino's sooooo refreshing!!! *looks for free samples* "

"Dr. Pepper ... I don't have it a lot but when I do, it's refreshing, tasty, and it sounds sophisticated. I trust Dr. Pepper... after all it IS a doctor!"
Clark Lichty

"Dr. Pepper... Loves a can in uniform!"
Nik Pate

"Regular Coke."
Kyle Anderson

"I love Canada Dry ginger ale on the rocks with some lemon!"
Dani Arranka

"I don't really drink soda pop but if I did it would be Diet Coke, coz I would want to be the dude in the diet coke adverts that use to be on TV.  Ha-ha. Do you remember them?"
Stuart Reardon

"Well I used to be partial to a Fanta... If real naughty with a dollop of ice cream on top sucked through a straw!!! Does that count ?!?"
Adrian Hansel

"I like Cherry Coke! Because it's nice with Rum."
Joe Mitchell


"I only drink soda with whiskey in it...."
Jeremy Lucido

"There was a show back in the 70's called Laverne and Shirley and I grew up watching it.  Laverne always drank milk and Pepsi.  It sounded so gross at the time - but now I drink Vanilla Coke and milk over crushed ice.  Awesome. Don't knock it til you try it."
Scott Teitler

"On a hot summer's day "abroad" (we don't have hot summer's day in Winterfell) nothing tastes better than a tall glass of chilled coca cola with ice.  That's not to say I won't be taking Scott's advice and mixing dairy products with my soda?! Of course I will - I just can't decide which flavour of fruit corner in the fridge would go best with this bottle of Tizer?"
Portis Wasp

Thank you to all of my blog friends who contributed to this post, and yes the photoshop was inspired by this beautiful specimen of merman...

And lastly, please remember to recycle your soda cans and bottles!  I shouldn't have to tell you this but it is so important that drinks brands do not get in the way of mermaids looking fabulous!!!


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