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Interview with Declan-John Geraghty

 Interview with Declan-John Geraghty

Hello Declan! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers?

Yo! I'm Declan, and I'm a 20 year old model living in Leeds, frantically trying to salvage my degree whilst keeping up with the ever increasing demand of modelling.

Declan-John Geraghty by Markus Lambert

Talk me through an average day in the life of you?

At the minute there is no 'average' day.  Typically, I usually wake up, hungover, as early as my body will allow... I try to go running, and then do bodyweight exercises or yoga before a bland, low-carb breakfast and a strong brew. I'll check my email and diary to see what the day holds. If I have a job I take the megabus down to London the night before (oh the joys), if not I'll generally take a shower, comb my beard, scrape my hair back, get dressed and attempt uni work or plan a shoot, though recently I've been socialising a tad too much! When I get home I'll catch up with the wife, watch any Eastenders or QI that I've missed, try it on with the Mrs of course, then fall asleep after scouring through instagram. 

Declan-John Geraghty with ponytail by Markus Lambert

So how long have you been modelling, and how did you get into the business of taking off your clothes for cash?  

I've been modelling close to three months now.  It all started when I was encouraged to send some photographs to various agencies, I got calls from a number of them within half an hour! I soon signed with Nemesis Manchester, then AMCK London shortly after. 

Declan-John Geragthy Tattoos

Now the first two things that I notice when I see you in photos is your beard (how could I not?) and your equally impressive pecs. Talk us through how you maintain both? Is there a particular regime you follow, or have you just been blessed with good genetics?

The beard? This thing drinks conditioner for fun and I try to keep it maintained as much as possible. I get a trim every couple of weeks to avoid looking like Grizzly Adams. The pecs eh? I'd have to thank the old man for the genetics body-wise.  He's mid-40s and still rocking a six pack so I guess genes play a part. That and the shed loads of press-ups I do every week!

You also possess a number of uber-interesting tattoos. The ram just below your chest is particularly striking! Is there a story behind each one of your tattoos? And do you plan to have more done?

Thanks! Each tattoo I have holds a meaning to me, some more than others of course. I'll definitely be getting more done; it’s just a matter of getting my payments in! I'm still only 20, so I have a few years to catch up with the likes of Ricki Hall and Jimmy Q. The next one is my chest piece. 

Declan-John Geraghty for Fantasticsmag

So what has been your favourite job to work on as a model so far?

The test I did with Darren Black which ended up being a story for Fantasticsmag was great fun, Darren is a dude.  

Declan-John Geraghty by Darren Black for Fantasticsmag
Declan-John Geraghty portrait for FantasticsmagDeclan-John Geraghty lying on couch by Darren Black

And what has been the worst? 

The worst? I won't go into specifics, but I had a rather late night before a sportswear shoot I did. They had me running all over the place. I was dying inside but I got the shots in the end. 

Having worked with a number of photographers so far, do you have any favourites you’d love to work with again? 

They have all been great.  I've learnt something from every photographer so far! I'll continue to work with Mr. Black as long as I can. 

Declan-John Geraghty for FTAPE

If you could work with any photographer tomorrow, who would you choose and why? 

Terry Richardson and David LaChapelle, because they have both influenced my own work so much from a young teen. They both have such an identifiable style and I'd die if I met either.

Nice choices!  What are your feelings on modelling and the fashion industry in general and do you see yourself continuing to work as a model in a few years from now?

I think its mint. I’ll model as long as I'm wanted. Even after modelling I hope to work in the industry, just from behind the lens! 

Declan-John Geraghty for FTAPE Model Wall

A fellow model you cannot get enough of? 

Ricki Hall. He seems like a lad you'd want a few pints with. And Jimmy Q, his style is amazing. 

Not only have you been blessed with model looks Declan, you are also a dab hand with a camera yourself! Tell us a little about your photography? 

At the minute, I'm jumping through hoops to attain my degree.  Aside from that, I like sexy, punchy, in your face photography. I have to admit I'm a little selfish with my photographs. I buzz off capturing the moment, actually taking the photograph. I have a ton of work that should be posted online.  You can see some bits and bats on my blog... 

How would you describe your photographic style? 

My portraiture is brightly coloured, highly detailed and punchy whereas my diary, documentary-esque work is high grain black and white.  I use film as much as possible.

And photography is something you would like to make a priority one day? 

Definitely! Modelling allows me to make contacts and friends within an industry I'd one day like to provide the majority of my income. 

A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit? 

There are too many to mention... most of them are bad for me.

Declan-John Geraghty Beard and Armpits

If the world were coming to an end and you were allowed one last kiss, who would be lucky enough to land on your lips? 

Rebecca Amy Larkham, every time. I adore her. 

Your go-to song should you find yourself in a trashy karaoke bar? 

That depends entirely how drunk I am. Probably Adam Ant, ‘Prince Charming’. I could do the dance and everything.

Which item of clothing in your closet gets most wear and why? 

I wear black skinny jeans and Docs pretty much every day. I wear skinny’s until they are falling apart.

If you could be an animal for a day which animal would you be and why?

An eagle man. Bossing the skies and looking like a king!

Would you like to ask Portis Wasp a question?

Go on then… If you had to eat any food to the death, what would it be? I’m saying crumpets, buttered up to the eyeballs...

‘To the death’ you say? Hmm… I think I’d have to go with something fancy like Oysters coupled with something ghetto like McDonalds chips. And maybe a side of your buttered crumpets for good measure.

Declan-John Geraghty Stag Tattoo and Shirtless

What happens next?

My debut at the Fashion week’s dude!  I also have to fly to Milan to meet my new agency 2morrow models… Good times.

Thanks Declan!

Credits: Photography by Markus Lambert, Darren Black and FTAPE


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