Saturday, 13 April 2013

Listen to Mickey Cupid - "Stars In Your Eyes"

Fancy listening to something so sick you'll whip off your top and make some dirty moves on your bedroom floor with your mannequin?  No?  Like, why..... YOU DON'T OWN A MANNEQUIN?!  Sorry about that... I do. 

I'll be honest with you my dahling wasps, I wasn't really feeling the talking bit at the start of Stars In Your Eyes but if you stick with it until the 32 second mark you'll fucking die.  As I did.  And then you'll love the talking bit the second and third time around cos it intros that fierce beat kick at the 32 second mark.

The remaining 3 minutes and somethin' somethin' of Stars In Your Eyes play out like it's New Years in Stockholm and your boyfriend who is a vampire just turned evil cos you couldn't help yourself and gave him sex and now it's all awkward between the two of you cos you both just turned up at the same party and you're probably going to end up fighting to the death by the punch bowl.  So yeah, it's pretty fucking magic for a pop song.

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