Friday, 26 April 2013

Thom Evans by Daniel Jaems for D.Hedral's Seamless Underwear Campaign

Thom Evans D.Hedral's Seamless Underwear Campaign by Daniel Jaems

Don't you just love how the fashion industry is giving hot ex-rugby players a platform to showcase their well-grafted bodies? I think it's bloody marvellous.  Only ten years ago the poor lads would have been shipped off to a factory out in the midlands and turned into glue.  This is so much better.

Thom Evans D.Hedral's Seamless Underwear Campaign by Daniel Jaems-2

Thom Evans, who just went and bagged himself a 90210 girlfriend and is now pursuing an acting career in LA as well as modelling in things, returns to model D.Hedral's Seamless Underwear range in this set of super hot campaign images by photographer Daniel Jaems.  On a par with the first campaign he worked on for the underwear brand, Thom is 85% nekkid - so at least the boy is consistent.  There is a notable addition in this campaign though, and that is the inclusion of lady model Paolla Rahmeier, who acts as a proper fit looking preview for the brands soon-to-launch women's range.  Oh, to be as beautiful as these two...


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