Monday, 15 April 2013

Tom Hiddleston by Jason Hetherington for Flaunt Magazine #126

 Tom Hiddleston by Jason Hetherington for Flaunt Magazine #126

I've not yet decided whether Tom Hiddelston is good looking.  Yes, that's right wasps.  I decide who you fall in love with on this blog!  So let's get into this some... 

Sometimes I can see a little bit of Michael Fassbender in Tom (which is good), and other times I can see a lot of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory in him (which is not as good as seeing Michael Fassbender in Tom).  And these aren't porno dreams I'm having.  No.  Tom looks to me like a mash-up of the two actors and this kind of results in a negative.  He's obviously nice to look at but is he really nice to look at?  I just don't know.  This editorial in the new issue of Flaunt Magazine is very nice but Tom isn't looking towards the camera in any of the shots!  So maybe I'll just have to make him my sideways crush and be done with it.  It is frustrating though not knowing if creating a 'label' for someone on your blog will be a big ole waste of time.  The jury is still out on this one.

Photography by Jason Hetherington

Tom Hiddleston by Jason HetheringtonTom Hiddleston sexy rock n roll


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