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My Bum Now Looks Great From Every Angle Thanks To The Underwear Experts at D.HEDRAL

Finding the right underwear to fit you is important.  For a number of reasons.  But it's not something I have given nearly enough thought to over the years.  I have tried countless brands, ranging from cheap and cheerful to luxe and 'Did that really just cost me HOW MUCH?', and even though the fit or level of comfort or look might not have been to my liking when on, I persevered with my purchases.  Not because I am a sadist.  I just hadn't experienced that perfect pair of pants that make you question all the poor imitations you courted before it.  A bit like finding a good lover if you were.  Know of any?

Which brings me to the point of this post, introducing you to the underwear specialists at D.HEDRAL.  An underwear brand you will have seen a lot of in the press recently thanks to rugby player-turned-model Thom Evans, who has starred in two campaigns for the brand in recent months.


I can't even....

So the designs looked great in the campaigns which I had featured on my blog here and here, and D.HEDRAL's AngleFit Technology, which promises a more figure-hugging silhouette, had left me all kinds of intrigued about the fit and comfort that these underwear 'sorcerers' were promising me.  All that was left to do was slip on a pair (or three) of their undercrackers, and what I discovered is that…

They are 'proper' amazing. 

An exclusive for you now; I chose the 'slim' fit from the AngleFit guide.  My rear is practically non-existent.   But in D.HEDRAL’s Briefs I miraculously possess quite the boo-tay.  Like, honestly!  It really is quite surreal to see my rear end pop like that.  And the best bit is that the underwear feels lightweight, super comfy, and holds "everything" together.  How they manage to also lift and shape you without compromising the feel or level of comfort your man parts deserve is beyond me?! 

From the Seamless range I also tried a pair of D.HEDRAL's Trunks and thought they would come in handy at the gym which, as it turns out, they did.  Two for two guys!  I have a tendency to sweat quite a bit in the gym but at all times wearing the trunks I felt cool and dry.  I also felt supported throughout my workout, which is a must when throwing yourself around a circuit.  But the trunks are so lightweight when on I almost forgot I was wearing them to be honest.

Apologies, this is reading quite gushy.

But I really was, and still am, very impressed with my D.HEDRAL underwear.  To have designed a range of underwear that looks great on without compromising on fit and comfort is one hell of an achievement.  Okay, I'll stop now.

Even though I was already sold on my new ass I wanted to ask D.HEDRAL a few questions about the brand itself and what makes it different from other underwear brands?  I also thought it really important to have Thom Evans' AngleFit confirmed for my readers.  Enjoy!

So tell me how D.HEDRAL came to be?

D.HEDRAL was conceived following research to find the ultimate fit in men's underwear. The Italian brand worked with pattern cutters to explore and develop a solution to achieve this. By fitting underwear on different models it was discovered that the main issue with poor fit was down to the capacity and shape of the customer's rear. An anthropologist and engineer were brought on board to develop ways to change the capacity and stretch of the underwear to create a more figure-hugging silhouette. The result was the creation of three angles (95, 115, 135) that produced different fabric measurements over the bum known as 'AngleFit'.

What would you say makes your underwear different from other underwear brands on the market?

D.HEDRAL is the only men's underwear brand to offer patented 'AngleFit' technology that factors not only the waist size of the wearer but also the shape of the bum to offer extreme comfort and a flattering silhouette.

Is your underwear designed for a particular type of man? What I am trying to glean is whether we all need to look like Thom Evans to wear your underwear well.

The whole concept of AngleFit technology is that no matter what your shape - Slim, Average or Full, there is a size of D.HEDRAL underwear that will make you look and feel great!

How have gents responded to your rear-boosting pants? Does it change the feel of the underwear for the wearer?

D.HEDRAL has made men think about their body more when buying their underwear which has been a very positive step. Men are investing more money than ever in their underwear and beginning to experiment with brands outside of the norm. D.HEDRAL sells worldwide online and exclusively via Selfridges London and Selfridges has seen more demand for men's shaping underwear.

D.HEDRAL definitely makes the wearer feel and look different. The support from the 'AngleFit' range gives guys an added confidence boost whilst the brand-new Seamless range is focused on extreme comfort and the super light-weight material feels like wearing nothing but still gives the wearer support in all the right areas!

I would like to take a moment to thank you for casting Thom Evans in your last two campaigns. I think it’s safe to say that they have been very well received in the press. How did this fine collaboration come about, and are you able to confirm Thom’s Anglefit?

Ha, thank you! For the brand we were keen to marry the relationship between D.HEDRAL and sport/fitness. Thom was the perfect choice of someone that has a very masculine appeal whilst being a sports icon. During his rugby days Thom would definitely have been an M95 AngleFit for a full rear but since he's now focusing on his modelling and less bulky he is an M115.

What can we expect next from D.HEDRAL?

D.HEDRAL has just launched its Seamless range and later this month will see the first introduction of women's underwear plus beachwear for men and women just in time for summer!

Shop the D.HEDRAL collection here.
Prices range from £24-£27


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