Tuesday, 18 June 2013

3 Reasons To Watch The Americans

The Americans on FX Banner

The Premise.

The Americans is a show about two undercover Soviet spies who are posing as a married all-American couple in the United States in the 1980s.  Dicey.  They are played by Keri Russell, who died way too soon in Mission Impossible 3, and Matthew Rhys, who I didn't find very likeable in Brothers and Sisters but absolutely adore in this.  

The Alias similarities: Sydney Bristow used to pretend to all of her friends that she worked at a Bank because she wanted to protect them from knowing she was actually an international spy who had an assassin for a mother and Victor Garber for a father.  Similarly, Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings  pretend to work as Travel Agents because they don't want anyone to know they are undercover Soviet spies.  It's not really the same show, but it kind of is.

A more concrete similarity between both shows I guess would be...

The Wigs. 

Everyone knows a good spy does not wear the same wig twice and The Jennings go through a lot of wigs.  Can you spot a Sydney Bristow cast off amongst the foxy, boxy, and downright hideous hair pieces Keri Russell uses to (let's be honest) unsuccessfully disguise the pretty that is her face?

Keri Russell in The Americans wearing a wig
Keri Russell wearing a granny wig in The Americans
Keri Russell firing a gunKeri Russell wearing a prostitute wig
Keri Russell with red hair in The Americans
The less said about Matthew's disguises the better.

Matthew Rhys in disguise in The AmericansMatthew Rhys in The Americans wearing leatherMatthew Rhys smoking in The Americans

Full breakdown of all the wig highlights from Season 1 of The Americans on Vulture. (May contain wig-related spoilers)

The Opening Credits.

They're short but perfectly paced and delightfully unsettling in tone.  Are there clues to be found in what we're seeing?  Probably.  But I keep getting distracted by the little girl hula hooping.  Is she wearing a wig?

Stay tuned for 3 more reasons to watch The Americans.  I'm already hooked!


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