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Interview with Francois Sagat - Part 1

Francois Sagat Interview photography by Philip Riches

Hello Francois would you like to introduce yourself to my readers?

Hello my name is Francois Sagat, I'm a French actor and performer/entertainer, mostly known for my career in the adult movie industry, started successfully in the USA in 2005. Since then I have tried to diversify myself in many projects; directing, performing, designing and modelling in many video and photo projects for mainstream and underground artists and directors.

Before becoming an actor, I was studying fashion in a fashion design school in Paris... Back in the late 90's, that’s my background.

Talk me though an average day in the life of you - If there is such a thing?

It's very often an average day in my life. Nothing fancy, a complicated life with very not particular days. Things happen, and nothing can happen too...

Describe yourself as a child?

I was a slim little creature with long hair, very introverted, sickly shy, afraid of the outside world, stressed at school, very feminine, bullied by others. I had a lot of issues that I couldn’t communicate with other children, unless they were girls, and just a few of them.

I was a dreamer, always drawing mermaids and sharks during free time in school, LONELY. Not into sports either... I was also obsessed with horror movies. This was an issue and a mystery to the teachers when I talked about it. I was fascinated with monsters, ghosts and aliens... and I still am. I didn't change.

As a teenager my interests and obsessions turned to the SUPERMODELS of the 90's. Paaah.

Francois Sagat wearing KICKSAGAT by Philip Riches

So not much has changed now that you are fully grown?

I'm actually the same child in some ways, yes. I have kept my sensibility and my tastes intact.... just the envelope changed, of course.  My introversion transformed from being a RESERVED person... But I'm still the quiet person I was... not into long talks.


Where does one start when interviewing Francois Sagat? Like, really?! You are one of the most famous porn stars, now former, an illustrator, actor, artist, model, and muse - to many. You have been photographed by countless 'genius' fashion photographers, collaborated with many an artist and have also just launched a new t-shirt line called KICKSAGAT.  Oh, and you're also great at talking selfies on your phone.

Could you have ever imagined for yourself the life you are living?

Ha!  I never liked the word "muse", it doesn't mean anything, it's lazy and pretentious.  I'm nothing like this, but I have tried many things yes, you're right, it doesn't mean I'm 100% good at all of them.  Progressively I added more things to my activities but it's a very long process, so it seems huge, but it was so slow.  I would have imagined even more than that when I was a child! This is not enough. I hate talking on the phone, or on skype ...I HATE it so much .

You recently announced your retirement from porn - only it's my understanding you hadn't shot any new scenes in quite a while? What prompted your announcement this year and what factors brought you to this decision?

I really stopped everything two years ago. I really don't think people even noticed or cared about it. In this business, if you're not present, if you’re not shooting anymore, people will care about the next new face even more, NO BIG DEAL. Fans are faithful but also really distracted in a world filled with information.

I made this announcement for MYSELF and also to make things clear for my image; also to clarify my real goals in the future. You need to make official statements for the next people you'll work with, people that are not from the adult industry. I needed to do it for myself and my siblings and the people that care about me.

Do you look back on your time working in porn fondly?

I enjoyed it a lot, but I don't miss it too much.  I just miss hanging out with the other boys around the shoots and the amazing sex we had in private later, ha ha.  But there is a time for everything. I couldn't do better than I did in the last years... SO NEXT!

Is there anything about your experience working in the industry that you might have changed?

I would have changed a few things like the fisting scenes, which I regret a bit. That doesn't look like me. I made mistakes yes, but that's the way my career went, and I'm glad.

Francois Sagat by Philip Riches wearing KICKSAGAT

You have been one of the few porn actors to successfully crossover from the porn industry into the world of fashion and pop culture. With little effort it seems. Was it always a conscious decision on your part to not allow yourself to be known for just ‘the porn’?

With a lot of effort I think!! That didn't come on a plate! Porn was just a first experience that gave me some "fame"... little fame maybe, nothing huge in my opinion. But I was more than that, EVERYONE is more than that. It was definitely conscious yes, to try to reach something else, yes. Something that doesn't necessarily require talents in sex; which as it turns out is a long constant battle against people's BAD reflexes when they just know you as the "porn actor". You always have to remind them who you really are... every single day. 

What is it about your image that you think fellow creatives respond to? 

I think I've been described by Bruce LaBruce as a blank canvas, which is totally true. I'm recognizable but also very "flexible" or adaptable in many ways... I'm also very basic or can be a very complicated subject... I'm like an old pair of blue jeans... you always come back to them, ha ha.

I’d also like to know what it feels like know you have been and continue to be lusted after by so many people? Is it something you give thought to? Does it thrill you? Worry you?

Oh really, you think?? How do you know??


That's not something I wanna think about because it's not even satisfying, or real. It's all virtual and I just don't wanna focus on that. I prefer to concentrate on a new project or on my personal feelings and real moments in life.
There is nothing arousing about it... Nothing. I think the thought of it is just another obstacle for my professional goals.

What is your favourite part of your body and what do you like the least?

I love my underwear / I hate my socks. 

You are also a pretty good dancer Francois. What would you say is your ‘signature move’?

I really think I'm heavy and I have been told I move really bad by a lot of witnesses, true!!! Are you making fun of me? My steroids cycle and weight gain made me become NOT FLEXIBLE at all. I'm very bad and slow and I lose my breath very easily. No, come on! No one ever hired me for my dance moves until now, as far as I know.

Francois Sagat in denim shorts and KICKSAGAT T-shirt

With a background in fashion, and a talent for illustrating and designing, what was the catalyst for going into porn instead of continuing to work on your art?

I have knowledge about Fashion (before 2000 lol) but it doesn't bring me anything useful, except talking about it, so, as I told you, I did fashion school.  I have nothing related to art... I'm not an artist, I never pretended to be an artist or doing art even if I worked with just a FEW artists yes.  I think my "bad taste" helped me being right at some moments yes.  Having BAD taste is a very hard exercise, you need to be aware of it to fulfill.  Being part of the porn industry is an excellent thing because everybody knows it's nothing else than a business and it's always less hypocritical than trying to make people thing that you're doing art. Actually I don't know what ART means anymore. "Muse", "Art"... that's not part of me.  Even if I like "Artists" as a category, yes.  Again, I don't do ART.  I entertain.

In Part 2 of my interview with Francois Sagat we discuss his KICKSAGAT collection, 'that' Sagat Documentary, and what it was like working with Terry RichardsonWe may have even discussed what 'animal' Francois would like to be for the day.

Photography by Philip Riches
Francois is wearing his KICKSAGAT collection  


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  1. I like Francois Sagat, no not like, I love Francois Sagat. I''ve seen some of his adult movies and he is good at his craft. I see him as a man of talent, kind, big heart and generous. I did not know that he retired and pursuing other work. I wish him well in his future endeavors.


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