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Interview with Francois Sagat - Part 2

Francois Sagat by Philip Riches for Portis Wasp

Let’s talk about your illustrations, Francois. What is it about drawing that you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed it a long time ago as teenager and a bit older, it was a way of enjoying my spare time, now I only enjoy it for a useful reason.

Nowadays, I can't read a book more than 10 minutes or drawing things for free, it has to be work... so it's a very rare thing. Drawings need to be seen, shown, edited, re-edited, retouched, re-questioned, or deleted forever LOL, otherwise I prefer to do something else.

Your recently launched KICKSAGAT, a T-shirt line which features a number of Sagat-themed designs. What made you decide on the concept and which is your favourite piece from the collection?

We decided to do it with my friend Pierre-Henri who's a stylist. Working as a team is the best, we can share more ideas. The concept is not to do a hype fashion brand (I fucking hate that idea), I want to propose something like a product that is drawn around my character and I hope with time will evolve with t-shirts and accessories inspired by something else other than Sagat the tattooed character. I/We want to create new ideas around other thematics in the near future, hopefully. For now, we focus on "me", but that will change soon.

Francois Sagat wearing KICKSAGAT T-shirt

Do you have any plans to expand the line to include other pieces?

I want to make more money with this to make it bigger and to add more items! I want to propose more than that; bags, underwear, accessories, pants, sweaters... more, more, more! We just need to start slowly and surely. We still have to do good sales!!!

Aside from your line, what other projects are you currently working on that my readers can look forward to? Are there plans for you to act in anymore films?

Nothing I can tell you now. Still waiting for two videos projects that I am very proud of but they are not yet edited yet.   Outside of that... I'm shooting a big thing tomorrow for a book. But still, I'm not gonna tell you more.

I watched your SAGAT documentary not too long ago and came away wanting more but also felt a little bit sad for you to be honest. You just seemed quite serious all the way through and like you weren't having the best of times? Or is it just hard to put a smile on Francois' face?

Well, I'm not a happy person, like I'm not constantly an angry or sad person, that's just the way it is. Happiness is just a moment, it’s not like when you're breathing... not for me. I have happy moments but just a few. Why I would be happy all the time? That's something I don't get. I'm not sad either but when it comes to interviews I always tend to get more serious than expected. I guess I'm more relaxed in private, and funnier.

This was shot at the end of 2010; maybe I was in a different state of mind. It was a very concentrated shoot, in 2 months, so maybe too intense to give a happy or SMILING energy all the time. The questions were also really deep and serious so why would I give a "too happy" behaviour??? Serious subjects were being discussed.

I was just being me... and yes it's hard to put a smile on my face because I decided my smile is not for everyone. I've been told by the public I never smile, well no one knows what happens in my private life!  Anyway, I can't stand people that are smiling all the time for no reason, it's annoying and it doesn't make me want to talk to them. 

Gosh I wish I'd never asked now!

Francois Sagat by Terry Richardson

Any plans for a sequel?

Not for now. I think there is a lot of information already but I would probably think that the sequel would be even more deep and serious than that and more psychological (so even less chance to put a smile on my face....Boooo!!!). I don't see any reason to add more "sexual content" which was really boring on that documentary and absolutely not really necessary to tell you the story. If you want to watch sex you can find it online and don't need to see it on that kind of program. But I guess it was also the goal of the production. It's all good but I was a bit disappointed, we should have made more room for interviews rather than the porn extracts.

Terry Richardson and Francois SagatFrancois Sagat in leotard

What was it like shooting with Terry Richardson?

It was one of the greatest photo shoot I ever did, really. We started early morning but it went so fast!!!! The styling was strong, we shot so much, and we kept just a few images for the OUT issue. Terry's assistants were really funny... And of course Terry is an adorable man, really sweet, very professional and he knows perfectly what he is doing ... and he's got theperfect notion of the distance and the proportions which is a very hard exercise when you work most of the time on a white wall like we did that day. Amazing experience... I want more!!! 

I loved it!

Bruce LaBruce LA Zombie Film Still with Tony Ward and Francois Sagat

Oh and shooting LA Zombie with Tony Ward, that must have been fun? What was Tony like to work with?

I don't know. I talked to Tony Ward less than a minute. It was really fun to hang out with Santino Rice, he is lovely!

The last film that made you cry?

MELANCHOLIA directed by Lars Von Trier... the only movie in my entire life that made me speechless and breathless.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Classic: Sunny side up eggs are the best for me with salt and pepper.

Francois Sagat by Philip Riches

Which ice cream flavour best describes your personality and how would you prefer to be eaten?

Strawberries and raspberries with whipped cream and honey. Because it's sweet, delicate, rich, full of carbs, FAT, and is really bad for you. I would be eaten on someone's butt and hole... of course. Obviously.

Obviously.  Do you have any regrets?

Of course... but I won't tell you about it, it's too personal.

Where do you call home?

I don't feel too French but France is home. That's the way it is... I don't miss it when I'm abroad but that's the country I belong to.

Francois Sagat interview with Portis Wasp

How do you like to spend your time when not working?

I like to do NOTHING. Being at home doing NOTHING. NOTHING is something. Emptiness is really healthy. I have no hobbies. My work is exciting enough.

If you could be any animal for the day, what would you be and what would you do?

I'm already a cat; I love to be arrogant with dumb people. I come to someone when I decide it, and I don't like to get annoyed. I choose who I want to be with. I'm often quiet and sometimes very loud when I need something. I love to sleep and I like cuddles when someone deserves it. I'm never submissive only if I choose it... I'm totally a cat.

What happens next?

I've already answered you during the first 29 questions

Cheeky! But you have a point.  Thank you Francois, vous avez été un plaisir!

For Part 1 of my interview with Francois Sagat click here.
Photography by Philip Riches & Terry Richardson
Francois is wearing his KICKSAGAT collection  


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