Saturday, 15 June 2013

New Ricki Hall Interview: We Discuss the 'Unlovable Heartbreaker Collection'

Ricki Hall Combing his Beard

Bearded model Ricki Hall has collaborated with P&Co Clothing on a tasty looking collection of t-shirts that actually went on sale yesterday, and might have already sold out as I type this up, so you best read this quick.  The Unlovable Heartbreaker Collection, which was formed around 'The Unlovable Heartbreaker', a quote that has always been personal to Ricki, features three t-shirts and one fierce looking wooden comb - cos you can't have a messy beard distracting passers-by from enjoying the proper nice t-shirt you are wearing.

Ricki Hall Interview Ricki Hall P&Co Clothing Unlovable Icons T-shirt

I spoke to Ricki earlier today about the collection and this is what he had to say.

Tell me how your collaboration with P&Co came about?

We kind of approached each other with the idea of doing a collaboration. I've been wearing their Tees for a while and did a look book shoot with em a while back, it was just a matter of time before we released a collection together. 

Your favourite t-shirt from the line?

That's a hard one but it has to be the 'Unlovable Icons' mainly because it has the coffin emblem on the front and back of the shirt. They're all bad ass, each one has got a cool aspect to it. If I wasn't happy with something in the design I wouldn't have let it be released.

Ricki Hall P&Co Clothing Collection

What kind of gent would you say the Ricki Hall collection is aimed at?

Someone who wants to make a statement with something simple but elegant, you can make a statement with this collection without having to utter a word. It's timeless and classy but keeping it slightly street and everyday wear. Not many brands produce that.

Any plans to work with other creatives on further Ricki Hall-inspired collections?

I'm having fun with the guys at P&Co at the moment, plus we are all from the same neck of the woods so it's always good to hear that West midlands accent. 

Ricki Hall arm tattoos in colour

Beard Maintenance.  What is the secret to keeping a good looking beard (at all times)?

Have a beard comb and beard brush in your kit at all times, beard oils and beard lubes help keep it moisturised and soft as well as the skin underneath and I always spray a bit of cologne into my beard on top of the beard oil as it stays in there all day and smells fantastic, not too much, just a little spray and walk my beard into it, it's quite funny to watch I've been told. 

So I take it you're still using hotmail? Ref. our interview

Yes I'm still using fucking hotmail. Fuck off. 

Thanks Ricki.

Shop the Unlovable Heartbreaker Collection whilst stocks last, and enjoy the campaign video below starring Ricki below.


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