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Nik Thakkar Interview - Ada + Nik Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign + Film

Ada + Nik Campaign Film Image with Aiden Shaw

Ada + Nik is the merging of two creative minds, designer Ada Zanditon and fashion creative Nik Thakkar - the latter of which you should know well after countless guest appearances on my blog, to create a menswear brand that will be showing it's first collection TODAY at London Collections: Men.

The ten piece collection brings to life Nik's adoration for a monochrome and minimalist luxe aesthetic, with nods to Ada Zandition's previous collections, and includes; sheer and eel skin t-shirts, kilts, two pairs of leather detailed shorts, a leather detailed kilt, a statement biker jacket "Caesar", open back structured dress shirts and calf leather cape; with accompanying swimwear and tank tops – all ethically sourced and produced.

Nik Thakkar and Ada Zandition sitting by laptop

So far, so sexy. I chatted to Nik yesterday about all things Ada + Nik and this is what he had to say about their first collection and campaign film which was directed by Thomas Knights.

How was Ada + Nik born?

I first met my design partner Ada Zanditon in Paris four years ago during Fashion Week. Ada was doing a presentation over there but it wasn’t over fashion that we got talking, it was later. A group of us went to karaoke, and as I was the only smoker, Ada went outside with me for a cigarette and we got chatting and that was it, we became friends. Well, we were also both on stage singing Lady Gaga together that night too.

As you know, my background is creative marketing but the projects that I've been drawn to have always been fashion based. I have always had a vision of a collection in my mind and now through the collaboration with Ada this has been made possible.

For as long as we have been friends I have constantly been asking Ada ‘When are you doing menswear? When are you doing menswear?’ Finally, after several years of asking this question, Ada agreed to branch out into menswear, on the condition that I collaborated with her... and here we are, showing at London Collections: Men tomorrow!

It sounds like the concept for your collection pretty much wrote itself?

Yeah, I always knew what I wanted. It features a monochrome and minimalist luxury aesthetic, but plays with textures and silhouettes as I tend to do on a personal level. It also nods to Ada's noir pieces from her womenswear collections over the last four years.

Which is your favourite item from the ten piece collection?

The kilt - Spartacus, and the biker jacket - Caesar, but I love and would wear every single piece. That was always the vision.

Think Hollywood. Which male celebrity could you picture wearing Ada + Nik?

James Franco. He is the Ada + Nik man - uninhibited, creative, strong and passionate.

Aiden Shaw for Ada + Nik Collection SS14

Aiden Shaw. Quite the inspired model choice to play The Snake King in your campaign video, right?

OH MY GOD YES! I love Aiden Shaw. We've known each other for about a year and I'm so happy that we were able to cast him as The King. He brings so much gravitas and depth to the film. It's unparalleled. If you notice, his movements are minimal and Thomas (Knights, director) and I wanted to keep it that way. Aiden's face is so telling and so much wisdom and strength comes from that, it's enthralling. I'm honoured that he is a part of this.

Price points for the collection?

From £85 to £895. It's really accessible.

Models wearing Ada + Nik SS14 Collection

What do you hope to achieve with this first collection and have you made plans already to work on further lines?

This started as a "capsule" and "personal project" and has evolved into a potentially hugely commercial brand. So let's wait and see. I have a vision for AW14/15 - it will be an evolution. The style will stay true to the brand.
What other designers are you excited to see show at London Collections: Men this week?

Definitely Burberry, Spencer Hart, Domingo Rodriguez, Christopher Raeburn and KTZ.

Thanks Nik!

Ada + Nik Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign Film

Set in the heavens of the Greek Gods, three self involved narcissistic soldiers (wearing Ada + Nik swimwear) gaze at their own reflection in a pool of water listening to music (by Zebra Katz) on their Philips Fidelio M1s. The Snow Queen played by actress, model and presenter Zara Martin enters – practically floating on the clouds as she approaches the throne she summons a gift of Snow Queen Vodka from earth. She hands the bottle to The Snake King played by the inimitable Aiden Shaw and the snake “Cornflake”. Zara hisses, the boys then appear as if by magic in front of the throne – fully clothed in Ada + Nik. They then begin to gift their clothes to the King and Queen and fight each other for the clothes until one of the boys is left naked and alone .

Ada + Nik Campaign Film Credits
Creative and art direction: Nik Thakkar
Director: Thomas Knights
Fashion: Ada + Nik SS14 by Ada Zanditon and Nik Thakkar
Starring: Supermodel and icon Aiden Shaw (Success Models) and model, actress and presenter Zara Martin (Storm) alongside Carter Farley, Andreas Eriksen and Tyler Maher from PRM
Music: LST CTRL by Zebra Katz (DRKLNG EP)
Special thanks: Snow Queen Vodka and Philips.


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