Thursday, 13 June 2013

Portis Wasp by Darren Black

Portis Wasp by Darren Black Portrait

When I popped down to London in early June I managed to meet up with photographer Darren Black for the first time - and oh what a lovely chap he is.  His appropriately titled Cherrybomb studio is located in Bermondsey in an old Biscuit Factory and after having a nice cup of tea and a chat, discussing topics ranging from Ricki Hall to Madonna, Darren took some photos of me.  A lot of photos actually.  But I won't subject you to me lying on a couch making sexy faces - not yet.

Here are a few photos from our 'session' which are mostly safe for work, apart from the last one which is, yeah, um, well...   And to think I had to crop that photo?!  Yes, really.  

In all seriousness, as a huge fan of Darren's work it was an absolute pleasure and honor to get to meet him (finally) and be photographed by him (half naked).  And whilst I hate seeing myself in photos I may have to revisit his studio sooner rather than later.  If only to share another cup of tea and a chat with the man.

 Portis Wasp by Darren Black Black and White imageBearded Portis Wasp by Darren BlackBlogger Portis Wasp by Darren Black



  1. darren black13 June 2013 17:51

    You forgot to mention those fabulous biscuits - great seeing you portiswasp - see you again soon, dx

  2. So, when or where can we see the naked photos of you by Darren Black?

    1. When my body improves! lol #workingonit


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